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Lajos O. Borbelj: Senior Developer

Photo of Lajos Orovec Borbelj

Lajos Orovec Borbelj

Senior Developer

Available:  Mon-Fri, 5pm to 9pm (+1 UTC)
Location:  Central Europe
Contact:  Skype: by appointment


Lajos is in charge of development for the Rubicon full text search component for Delphi.

HREF History

Lajos started contracting for HREF Tools in 2018.


Lajos graduated from the University of Mathematics - group informatic in Novi Sad. He started in software development in 1982. He started with Delphi as of Delphi 4. He has programmed in Cobol, SQL, Clipper, Fortran, C++ and Java. He has worked with almost all popular SQL database engines including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird SQL and Oracle. He has worked on systems including Exec-8 (Unisys mainframe), Unix, DOS, Windows 95 through Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2016.


Lajos has developed a range of custom software application, especially business and financial applications dealing with complex data.


His native language in Hungarian. Lajos reads English well and also writes in English.

Superhero Title


Arch Enemy

Ambiguous english phrases.

Superhero Mission

To complete Rubicon and provide inspiring sample projects.

Personal Tidbit

Lajos is married and has a daughter.

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