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2 Big Reasons to Colo with HREF Tools

  1. Lower cost for applications requiring large disks. While cloud services are extremely cost effective for small (10gb-30gb) systems, many Windows systems and database-intensive projects require much more disk space. Physical colo is less expensive in those scenarios.
  2. Safe internet neighborhood. Our colo setup is within the facility of the premier ISP in California, sonic.net, which has been independent since 1994. We have worked with sonic.net technicians for decades, and have many reasons to trust their Santa Rosa infrastructure. DDOS protection is firmly in place. Bandwidth is absolutely reliable. Technicians are top-notch. Backup-power is tested regularly and is available for more than a week.

AWS EC2 Management

For other applications, where you do not need to control your own physical server, we also offer assistance with setting up virtual servers in the Amazon cloud. This includes EC2, S3, CloudFront and IAM.


Physical colo from $200/month, server management from $95/hr.


Please use the Contact Page to start any conversation relating to hosting or leave a voice message on +1-707-206-6195.

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