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Availability: Latest build information for WebHub products


Archive of WebHub Release Notes: here.

Most Recent Stable Release

Updated 17-Mar-2023

WebHub v3.286 Setup installers are online for customers with an active subscription.

Evaluation: For a Free/Trial/Evaluation copy, please apply here for an FTP login, and expect a reply within one business day, often sooner.

Compiler Support for WebHub

To learn the compiler numbers associated with various versions of Delphi, please see the Delphi DocWiki for a complete chart of compiler defines and product releases.

Compiler Abbreviation Supported until Opinion Platforms BDS
Delphi 11 D28 Use WebHub v3.280+. Designed for Windows 11; has high DPI support which is not relevant for WebHub but may be of interest for your other projects. vcl: win32 and win64 22.0
Delphi 10.4 Sydney D27 Use WebHub v3.278+. vcl: win32 and win64 21.0
Delphi 10.3.3 Rio D26 Use WebHub v3.276+. vcl: win32 and win64 20.0
Delphi 10.2 Tokyo D25 July 2021 Use WebHub v3.269+.
This is the long-awaited compiler release with non-gui Linux64 support. Initially WebHub will support win32 and win64 as usual. Adjustments for use with Linux are in progress.
CC 30752 provides BDE for Tokyo
vcl: win32 and win64; (linux64 support in progress for WebHub) 19.0
Delphi 10.1 Berlin
update 2
D24 Dec-2018 Use WebHub v3.251+.
The Delphi Setup is definitely easier to use.
CodeSite Express can be installed from the IDE, using the menu: Tools > GetIt.
Re TAmazonStorageService, see the standalone WebHub demo project for implementation details.
There is no BDE support with WebHub for D24.
vcl: win32 and win64 18.0
Delphi 10 Seattle D23 Use Webhub v3.231+. No BDE packages are included for WebHub even though there is a win32 BDE installer available for DX10.
CodeSite Express can be installed from the IDE, using the menu: Tools > GetIt.
Some DX10 IDE dialogs (including Project > Options) are unusable on Win 8.1 with Windows scaling set to something other than 100%, e.g. 125%. 110% may be a compromise for some people. No problem on Windows 10. Someone posted a workaround on Code Central.
vcl: win32 and win64 17.0
Delphi XE8 D22 Use Webhub v3.225+.
Easy VCL upgrade. The System.Hash unit is new in XE8 and extremely helpful if you want to work with Amazon S3 and CloudFront.
vcl: win32 and win64 16.0
Delphi XE7 upd 1 D21 … Dec 2016 * Use Webhub v3.219 through v3.268.
TThread gets cross-platform parallel for-loop support. FireMonkey is becoming much more usable. The TWebBrowser component is viable on Android and iOS for wrapping WebHub application URLs. The BDERTL is a separate download.
vcl: win32 and win64 15.0
Delphi XE6.1 D20 … Dec 2016 Use WebHub v3.213 through v3.268. Note: the name of the JSON unit has changed from DBXJSON to JSON. BDE: final reminder to migrate to FireDAC or another database access system. vcl: win32 and win64 14.0
Delphi XE5 update 1 D19 … Dec 2016 * Use v3.204 through v3.268. All FireDAC units and classnames have been renamed by Embarcadero. StrToUInt64Def added to SysUtils. vcl: win32 and win64
Delphi XE4 D18 … June 2016 * Use v3.188 through v3.258.
Embarcadero FireDAC and IBExpress are both available as a separate download. Developers are advised to read the White Paper.
No updates after WebHub v3.258. *
vcl: win32 and win64
Delphi XE3 update 2 D17 April 2016 * Use WebHub v3.174 to 3.254. vcl: win32 and win64
Delphi XE2 update 4 D16 August 2014 * Finally, 64-bit support. Use WebHub v2.164+. win32 and win64
Delphi XE D15 April-2014 * Nice upgrade. Love Subversion. win32
Delphi 2010 D14 March 2013. * IProviderSupport added. win32
Delphi 2009 D12 Unicode starts here. No updates after WebHub v2.183. * win32
Delphi 2007 D11 No updates after WebHub v2.170* win32
Delphi 2006 D10 stopped Oct-2010 win32
Delphi 2005 D09 stopped Oct-2010 win32
Delphi 8 D08 never supported
Delphi 7 D07 No updates after WebHub v2.170 Excellent, fast IDE for non-unicode work. win32
Delphi 6 D06 No updates after WebHub v2.104 win32
Free Pascal FPC 2.6 In-house only. Much of TPack source compiles for FPC. Will reactivate this once FPC 2.7 has easy sufficient support for UnicodeString as the default string. various
* If you need to keep using an old Delphi compiler after we stop shipping installers for it, you do still have two options. (a) Entering into a source-code-access contract, payable quarterly. Contact technical support for more information. (b) Using a 20-year development license for the particular version of WebHub and Delphi; see HREFShop
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