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An organization is concerned that HREF Tools Corp. might not be in business for another ten years (we started in 1995) and wants to buy a license to the maximum amount of source code NOW, just in case. Alternatively, an astute developer wants to have maximum source for learning and debugging.


Below you will find a complete list of source code options available to the public. In addition, for long-term customers, we offer source code escrow and/or a login to the active version control system.


  • Start with the purchase Link to HREFShop of a WebHub developer license for US $389. Full source for the configuration subsystem, ZaphodsMap, is included.
  • Then purchase Link to HREFShop WebHub Useful Source for $189. That gives you the lowest-level base classes including all of TPACK and many extra WebHub units. It does not include source to the WebHub Connection Layer (hub, runners).
  • If your site will include ecommerce, purchase Link to HREFShop a license for the credit card validation source for making sure card numbers are probably valid before you try to run a charge against them. At US $3, this is an easy investment.
  • If your site will use full-text search and you would like to use Rubicon, you should purchase Link to HREFShop a license for Rubicon for US $199 and also purchase Link to HREFShop a license for the components (TwhRubiconSearch, etc.) used for displaying search results in a WebHub application, for an additional US $0.
  • Source to the XML class (TNativeXML) used frequently in WebHub, is included with WebHub.
  • Contact customer service for a quote on the source to the regex classes.

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