WebHub Release Notes for v2.018, v2.019, v2.020, v2.021 and v2.022
This file was last updated 5-Dec-2003 16:05 California time.
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WebHub Components
When upgrading the components, please backup, then delete the contents of lib\*.* before installing files into the same directory (assuming that you like to install into the same directory). This is especially important if you are upgrading from a version which marked any of the WebHub files readonly, because they may not be overwritten properly otherwise.

Please also review Tools|Environment Options|Library "Library Path" inside Delphi after installing, to make sure that it does not include any paths containing older versions of the components.

Changes to WebHub Components

WebHub Demos
The Hub
WebHub Project Wizard
Known Issues not to be handled in v2.018... v2.021
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