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Delphi Developer Days 2009
logo for the training
In-person training in Washington DC and Chicago
The event visits the Washington DC/Baltimore-Washington International Airport area on March 30-31, 2009 and the Chicago area on April 2-3, 2009.
Taught by Cary Jensen and Marco Cantù
Object Pascal Reference
This is the language reference from Delphi 5.
Free online Delphi tutorials.
Lessons and projects can also be downloaded
Marco Cantù
Author of Mastering Delphi books
Author of Delphi Handbook for Delphi 2009 (for which the PDF is available free from Code Central if you are a registered user of Delphi 2009), otherwise you can purchase the paper book via Marco's web site.
Highly recommended
Mastering Delphi 7 by Marco Cantù
Online - read it now using the link above
Delphi in a Nutshell
Book for about $32 from Amazon
Also online at Safari Books
Delphi Graphics and Game Programming Exposed
Book for about $19 new on Amazon, less when used, of course.
Learning to Program in Pascal and Delphi
Book for about $17 on Amazon
WebHub Demos online with source
Browse through several dozen demos of WebHub applications; make use of the [Source] link in the page footer for details on any application.
Fundamentals of Pascal
Book for about $99 on Amazon (new, hardcover).
Delphi 6 Developers Guide
Highly recommended book by Xavier Pacheco; costs about $27 on Amazon for a new copy.
Also online at Safari Books
Kylix Developers Guide
Note: Kylix is Delphi for the Linux platform and there is a fantastic tool called the CrossKylix compiler which lets you build Linux applications on a Windows machine.
Online at Safari Books
Code Central
Official repository of code snippets and projects, hosted by the makers of Delphi.

CodeGear Delphi

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