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Browsing >>Howard D. Rogers: HREF Tools Board of Directors in Sonoma County, California

Photo of Howard D. Rogers

Howard D. Rogers

Board of Directors

Available:  Mon 8am to 9am
Location:  Santa Rosa, California
Contact:  Phone: by appointment

Howard Rogers is on the HREF Board of Directors, helps with early-morning sales in the US, and occasionally helps with hardware/software work at our data center in Santa Rosa.

Prior to the existence of the web, Howard held a senior management position with Citibank in New York, where he managed large computer projects involving high-volume realtime transactions.

Howard runs his own internet business, www.earthwaverecords.com, which he started in 1995 and has run with WebHub since 1997.

HREF History
Howard worked with HREF in 1999 on TurboPress Sales and On-line Advertising Sales for developers.href.com. Since August 2001 he has been providing help for various departments, as-needed.

Howard's native language is English.

Personal Tidbit
Howard has two daughters, one of whom has a degree in multimedia.

Poker, billiards, collectibles.

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