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Photo of Dan Gabdullin

Dan Gabdullin

Computer Analyst

Available:  Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm GMT+3
Location: Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El, Russia
Contact:  Write to Dan


Dan Gabdullin heads a small team of developers who work on the core aspects of WebHub.

HREF History

Dan started working for HREF Tools in 2004 and became an increasingly active member of the core development group.


Dan received a Masters degree in computer science from Mari State Technical University (Russia), with honors.


Dan was born in 1978 to a computer-aware family. His father has a Ph.D. in physics and his mother is a professional software developer. One could say "he was drinking the knowledge of programming along with mother's milk." He started playing with computers around age 7 and by 10 he wrote his first program in Basic. Since he was 14, he has earned money developing software using Object Pascal and other programming languages.


Dan's native language is Russian; he speaks, reads, and writes English as well. He handles all the Russian-English translation for the developers who work for him.

Superhero Mission

To refactor ALL of WebHub and make it unbelievably reliable.


With advance notice, Dan can schedule a WebHub developer from his team to work on custom projects for HREF's customers.

Personal Tidbit

Dan and his wife had a baby boy in September 2007.

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