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  • Hub Licenses
    Hub capacity upgrades and licenses for machines running WebHub applications.
  • StreamCatcher
    StreamCatcher is an ISAPI filter enabling URL remapping plus many other features. Regex rules supported. Test mode enables rapid chekcing of thousands of request/response pairs in 1 or 2 seconds. Price: US $179.00
  • IIS Backup Utility
    Backup and restore the configuration of individual web sites, or restore all web sites at once for quick disaster recovery. Great data insurance; convenient when moving sites between servers. Price US $35.00, for use on ten servers. Version 2 runs in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • RemBoot
    RemBoot lets you reboot a Windows server securely from a web browser on any device including IPADs over https. FREE SSL certificate included. Price: US $25.00.

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