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  • Reboot is activated through any web browser, from anywhere, at any time, after logging in. Use it from your iphone, ipad, laptop, desktop, etc.
  • RemBoot is not dependent on Microsoft IIS, PC Anywhere, VNC, Remote Desktop or any other product which may be "hung" when you need to reboot your computer
  • Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") is used to encrypt all communication between you and the utility
  • Multiple user names and passwords are allowed for shared responsibility
  • At the time of reboot, any running applications are notified of pending shutdown so that they may exit before computer restarts; and if they don't exit cooperatively within the specified timeout period, they are forced to exit so that absolutely no human intervention is required on the server
  • You define the IP number and port that RemBoot runs on
  • Log files track the history of usage including any failed login attempts
  • A simple application with text based configuration files (no registry entries)
  • Runs as a service which starts when Windows starts (regardless of whether anyone logs in)

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