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What exactly does RemBoot do?

RemBoot is a software utility that reboots a Windows computer upon request, from any web browser, running anywhere, on any operating system. You can even use your iphone or other handheld device to log in to your RemBoot console and trigger the reboot of your Windows computer. You install RemBoot on the computer you want to be able to reboot. Later, if/when that computer gets stuck and needs a good kick, you use a secret URL (which you set up for yourself in advance), login, and reboot. If you have saved the URL in a convenient place, the whole process of requesting the reboot should take you less than a minute.

Full Details: RemBoot Product Information Page
Quick and painless walk through: FREE RemBoot tutorial.

Server Operating System: Win2003, Win2008, Win2012, Windows 7, Windows 8 Pro... all supported. It is a 32-bit application and runs on both 32- and 64-bit hardware.

Client web browser: Chome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera .... and many more supported.

Shareware expiration date

You may try RemBoot for 45 days.

File size and contents

The installation file includes the software and documentation. The filesize is approximately 1.9 megabytes. Most of that is documentation!

Download and purchase links

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Now on Tucows!!!

RemBoot is available through Tucows. If you use RemBoot, please give us a rating, and tell your friends! tucows logo

3D2F Reviews RemBoot

18-Feb-2007: "Sometimes, rebooting a computer remotely is all you need to regain control of a server. Of course, you need to do this easily, quickly and securely. Use RemBoot (Remote Reboot Utility) and be happy! read full review


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