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November 10, 2011

Santa Rosa, CA -- HREF Tools Corp. (www.href.com) today announced support for RemBoot v4.3 on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud servers running Microsoft Windows.

RemBoot is a shareware product which runs on a dedicated IP number and port and, upon authenticated request, reboots the server. Network administrators can reboot a server running RemBoot from a web browser on any device, including an iPhone, iPad, netbook, laptop, and more. Given a shortcut, rebooting generally requires five to fifteen seconds of administrator typing and clicking.

"Recently one of our customers had to use an Amazon EC2 server to replace some failed hardware on short notice. The transition went smoothly, except that RemBoot would not run due to the network configuration within the cloud," said HREF Tools' President, Ann Lynnworth. "Having become accustomed to rebooting his server from his iPhone, our customer was very keen for us to change the rules so that RemBoot could work in the Amazon cloud."

The RemBoot Setup process is now more flexible. For use in the Amazon cloud, one should leave the ip number blank instead of entering a fixed number. This tells the RemBoot service to detect the ip number assigned by DHCP and bind to it accordingly.

RemBoot licenses currently cost $25 for one server, or $39.95 for five servers. Each RemBoot license is valid for five years. Further quantity discounts are available through Customer Service.

RemBoot was written in Delphi. RemBoot is a native Windows application with low overhead. It runs on both 32- and 64-bit Windows servers, from XP through Windows 7.

More information about RemBoot is available at http://www.href.com/rsu.

HREF Tools Corp. is privately held corporation established in 1995. HREF Tools is an Embarcadero Technical Partner.

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