WebHub Release Notes for v2.101
This file was last updated 08-Mar-2009


WebHub Object Pascal Components

New unit: webInfoBase.pas v2.101
This unit contains central-info code shared by apps and hub.
BestCentralInfo.GetTestInput changed to pWebApp.GetTestInput.
Deleted rarely-used verbs v2.101
Deleted all unnecessary verbs from: TwhRunnerApplicationLink, TwhResponseSimple, TwhSession, TwhSorterInfo, TwhBasicPage.
Temp file delete component now independent from WebHub v2.101
See new unit, tpTempDelete.pas (full source is in TPack)
'wh' changed to 'tp' for the following: TwhTempDeleteFileEvent, TwhTempFileDelete, TwhBackgroundDelete
If you want to use this component for one-time deletion, you can set StopExecution to True in the OnSweepComplete event. Reference: PurgeByDate example presented at ADUG Symposium, April 2009.
Fix for use on Kylix: thread created suspended.
SOAP automatic-documentation fix v2.101
Oops - on machines using StreamCatcher, the automatic links for WSDL etc. were wrong. They were fine on machines uing long URLs. Fixed.
New-AppID Wizard, fix for D12 v2.101
In Delphi 2009 only, there had been a problem with the New-AppID wizard, where the resulting XML file was in the wrong format. That has been fixed.
When wizard completes, it gives you a "done" message so you know that the files are ready.
dccdpk.bat improved for Delphi 2009 v2.101
The -i flag plus appropriate path has been added to the dccdpk.bat file which is generated when you install the WebHub components. This seems to be needed for at least some Delphi 2009 scenarios. The -i parameters tells the Delphi compiler where to look for include-files.
Prefix for textareas established v2.101
In syntax stage 1, the prefix was textarea.
In WebHub v2.065 to v2.100, the prefix was textarea. for retrieval and txtvar. for SET and CLEAR.
Now, the prefix is defined in whMacroAffixes.pas and is used consistently for all features. The value is set to txtvar. to be consistent with the other session variables (stringvar, boolvar).

The Hub, WebHubAdmin, ZMAdmin

Maitre'd Feature re-implemented and optimized v2.101
The Maitre'd Feature provides round-robin traffic distribution across a group of WebHub servers, which may or may not be on a LAN. Requests for URLs for new sessions are distributed.
A new keyword 'local' is now supported, so that you can optionally have some traffic stay on the machine whose hub is distributing the traffic.
The overhead of the Maitre'd Feature is now minimal for installations which do not use it at all.
Use ZMAdmin to configure the round-robin list.
Sessions panel displays stringvars, boolvars, etc. v2.101
To use this panel, first click on the SHOW button on the toolbar, then select a .var file, then click through the tabs for stringvars, boolvars, textareas, etc.
Error reporting settings changed v2.101
EurekaLog: dialog closed automatically after 8 seconds; EXE terminated after 1 error instead of 3.
Mail panel removed from WebHubAdmin v2.101
Please use ZMAdmin or your own WebHub app to configure email features.


WebHub Runners

ISAPI Runner available for systems running old and new WebHub apps v2.101
Please contact technical support if you need to run v1.000 to v2.098 applications with a v2.099+ Hub/runner, especially if your app uses BOUNCE.
If your app was built with v2.064 components and you used SendBounceTo, you certainly need this runner.
Using the v2.101+ Hub and Runner is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if your application uses BOUNCE.

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