WebHub Release Notes for v2.100
This file was last updated 02-Mar-2009


WebHub Object Pascal Components

Units etc renamed to separate BDE v2.100
Every unit and component that depends on the Borland Database Engine has been renamed, usually just changing 'db' to 'bde'.
Please use FuzRegex to quickly fix your Delphi source. There is a script online for the v2.099 to v2.100 conversion.
Auto routines renamed Standard v2.100
The routines in uAutoPanels.pas and uAutoDataModules.pas have been renamed to be consistent with the naming in the application-level XML file. The FuzRegex script mentioned above will take care of this for you.
TwhdbxSource added for dbExpress support v2.100
A web data source specifically for dbExpress has been added. We are using this while moving the WebHub Demos from the BDE to dbExpress with Firebird SQL.
TwhdbScan confirmed working with TClientDataSet and TSimpleDataSet (tested with Firebird SQL).
FIELD macro moved to normal app object v2.100
However this was done without forcing the use of any database units.
What this means is that almost all WebHub applications can be built with TwhApplication, including those that are database-driven and wish to use the FIELD macro to display data from a dataset.
What this means is that starting a new project is much simpler because you do not need to decide about database usage at the very beginning.
This issue is in progress 10-Dec-2008
Html > Files highlights ok in Delphi 2009 v2.100
Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc. in .whteko files is now correctly syntax-highlighted even when compiled with Delphi 2009.
Saving of WHTEKO files with non-western chars ok in Delphi 2009 v2.100
ucLogFil.UTF8StringWriteToFile and UTF8StringReadFromFile added to support BOM for .whteko files containing Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc. characters.
ldiRegEx changes for Delphi 2009 v2.100
TGroupStartEnd.FirstCharPos is now TGroupStartEnd.FirstIndex in unit ldiRegEx (regular expression library).
TGroupStartEnd.AfterLastCharPos is now TGroupStartEnd.AfterLastIndex in unit ldiRegEx.
New installation: components organized better; HT+ named WebHubActions
If you install WebHub 2.100 onto a machine that does not already have WebHub components installed, you will find that the components requiring the BDE have been separated onto a palette named WebHubBDE. The remaining database components are now on a WebHubDB palette. The HT+ palette has been renamed WebHubActions, and all web-action components have been moved there.
This should help beginners.
TPack for Linux, except a few units v2.100
This has been true for more than a year: the following 3 units are the only ones NOT ported: tpShareI and utIpcObj (use tpShareB instead), and ucWinApi (functions apply only on Windows).
We have done all our testing with Kylix 3 to date.
Feedback from users of FreePascal would be very welcome.
New-Project Wizard fully supports TtpProject v2.100
The wizard, which appears under File > New > Other > WebHub Application, has been completely upgraded and now supports TtpProject.
For customers who wish to upgrade, use this wizard to make a new project and then move your CreateForm lines from your old DPR into the wizard-generated unit containing TtpProject.
Documentation: How to use the New-Project Wizard to create a new WebHub application.
Delphi SOAP Runtime and Importer Update v2.100
Reference CodeGear download #24535.
As of 12-Feb-2009, we are building with the patched files.
BDS 2006, BDS2005 and D7 users who want to use WebHub to create SOAP services should install #24535 from CodeGear Code Central according to the instructions in that ZIP file.

The Hub, WebHubAdmin, ZMAdmin

Any error-report files emailed from info at href dot com v2.100
The EurekaLog configuration within the Hub was changed so that it conforms to HREF's latest Sender Policy Framework. Some users were having trouble sending their error reports directly to tech support.
ZMAdmin, MaitreD feature
ZMAdmin v1.0.1.9 or above is required to configure the MaitreD feature. This did NOT ship with WebHub v2.100 so if you need it, please contact tech support.
Plan to say goodbye to your HubApp
This is official notice that the future, new-ipc, Hub will NOT support a HubApp (an AppID loaded by the Hub and served by the Hub). You will need to compile a simple app of your own for that purpose, and run it outside the Hub.
Hub v2.100 does support the HubApp and probably the next few editions will, too, but the new-ipc prototype does not and will not.
The reason for this change is essentially for reliability and performance. We wanted to reduce the complexity within the Hub. The HubApp was always confusing from a licensing point of view, and was not used by most customers.

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