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Question: I usually reboot my servers by going into my remote control software and using Start > Shutdown. Why is your utility better?

Answer: RemBoot works even when remote control programs don't, because it was designed to cope in very low memory situations. Also RemBoot is faster because you don't have to wait for screen-redraw, and you don't have to press any [ok] buttons on the applications. RemBoot notifies each application that shutdown is imminent, and makes each one close (after a 20 second grace period).

Question: Tell me more about my choices for the IP Number that RemBoot binds to.

Answer: If your server has its local ip number set to the public number (without an extra firewall layer), then you should make RemBoot run on precisely the ip number that corresponds to the domain name. If your server is in the Amazon Cloud (EC2), or for any other reason is behind a firewall with a local ip number that is different from the public number reported by DNS, then you should make RemBoot run on the local number. When you install RemBoot, the RConfig utility will require the ip number to be (a) blank or (b) the first ip number assigned on the server or (c) exactly the same as the public number from DNS. However, after installation is finished, you can edit the RemBoot.cfg file and enter a different value. It is rare to need to do this but it is supported. Just stop the service, change the configuration file using Notepad, and restart the service.

Question: Every time I bring up the RemBoot login page in my web browser, I am prompted about some secure certificate. How do I stop that message from appearing?

Answer: Install the CAcert.crt file which you will find in your "cert" directory on the server where you installed RemBoot. Double-click it to start the installation process. Screen shots follow:

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