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What is WebHub?
WebHub is a complete site development framework, including an application that can be used both as a "designer/editor," and as the actual cgi/isapi program serving the dynamic site.

Both the WebHub Components and WebHub Power HTML include a generic application server which can be used as a "designer" or "editor." The HTML editing environment is simply tailored for use in the WebHub environment -- the shortcuts and color-syntax highlighting are all meant for use with WebHub.

WebHub is not a WYSIWYG design tool like FrontPage. You might still use a tool like that to make the initial prototype of your web page. You would then bring that code into WebHub, and put in macros that provide a variety of dynamic features. The range of features depends entirely on which WebHub application server you use.

WebHub adds versatility, strength, and depth to HTML authors of all experience levels.

WebHub supports the collaboration of artist and programmer: WebHub was designed with the idea that both page layout designers and database/application programmers are working together to build dynamic web sites. WebHub facilitates cooperation by allowing the HTML author to maintain HTML on the outside, while the programmer maintains the applications on the inside.

WebHub saves time and great ideas! You can build a "library" of favorite reusable HTML chunk files. WebHub also saves an unlimited number of macros which are expanded when pages are requested.

Export to static HTML pages: You can use the WebHub system to organize your pages and track your macros, and then use the 'Generate All' menu option to generate a series of static HTML files which you can use with any ISP. The benefit to you is that if you want to change a page footer, or adjust the location of your graphics files, you'll only have to make one edit and then regenerate all the pages with that change.

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