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Do you know your server's Common Name?
You will need to know your server's Common Name when you place your order. The Remote Reboot Utility uses secure certificates tied to the Common Name (domain name) of the computer you want to control. After ordering, you will be limited to installing a secure certificate that matches your licensee name, exactly. If you are ordering multiple licenses, you will be prompted to enter multiple Common Names.

For example, if you want to control a machine accessed as "www.mydomain.com" then you would enter "www.mydomain.com" as the licensee name. If your server responds to more than one domain name, select one for use with RemBoot. For further information, please refer to the RemBoot product page before ordering.

    Quantity Item Price
  Remote Reboot License (1 server, 5 years) $25.00

What happens after 5 years?

RemBoot licenses are for five years at a time. After that, they will expire. If you try to reboot your computer, your web browser will display a security alert. You can ignore that alert and continue with no problems, or you can purchase a new license.

What if I manage more than one server?

Look in for quantity discount offers in HREFShop or contact Customer Service. We can organize licensing for as many servers as you need.

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