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Anyone responsible for rebooting a remote server, especially network administrators who value every minute saved on routine tasks.

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Overview and Benefits

The Remote Reboot Utility ("RemBoot") is a software product which runs on a server running Windows, awaiting the need for a reboot. Upon authenticated request, it asks all running applications and services to stop and after a timeout, forces them to stop. The utility then reboots the server. RemBoot is controlled over HTTPS using any web browser. All you need is a connection to the Internet and your login details to reboot the server. RemBoot runs on your choice of port, to avoid conflict with http, ftp and other servers on the same machine.

When combined with monitoring software, RemBoot can automatically reboot servers when they reach an unhealthy state.

FREE Demo Info / Screenshots

To give you a quick idea of how the Remote Reboot Utility works, we are including screen shots that show what it looks like when you login, and after you press the reboot button.

The first step is to use a web browser to trigger RemBoot over HTTPS:

Screenshot of Remote Reboot Utility login

The second step is to press the reboot button. This will lead to a confirmation screen, telling you that RemBoot has taken action. Within a few seconds, your computer will shutdown and restart. RemBoot will ask each running application to close (so that database changes are saved, etc.). If the applications do not respond, RemBoot will force them to end so that the shutdown procedure succeeds even if there is a severe application error pending.

Download FREE Trial Version

RemBoot is available FREE for evaluation, with all features active for 45 days. Proceed to the download page.


RemBoot includes a help file, user manual and an online tutorial. Try the tutorial now for a quick, visual introduction to all aspects of installing and using RemBoot. (You do not need to download anything to view the tutorial.)

See also: How to integrate RemBoot with monitoring software.

Upgrade Policy

FREE upgrades for 3 years.

Technical Support

HREF provides FREE technical support for the Remote Reboot Utility.

News and Release Notes

See announcements about RemBoot

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

☑ RemBoot installs as a service on Microsoft Windows XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/Windows 7/8 computer. This service is required once on the machine-to-be-rebooted. It is not required on the client computer nor mobile device.
☑ 32- and 64-bit Windows is supported.
☑ To reboot that computer, you need a web browser capable of going to an https web site. That should be EASY on any modern smartphone, netbook, etc.. Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE, Google Chrome etc are all supported.
☑ RemBoot requires approximately 2 mb hard disk space for installation and approximately 1.5 mb RAM during operation. People say that it has a small footprint.

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