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21-Jul-2017 Pacific Standard Time


Please read this page before you decide whether you want to use the Lite or Eval edition.

The Evaluation edition supports the same compilers and database bridges as the paid edition. All the Unicode compilers, i.e. Delphi and CPPBuilder 2009 through XE3, are supported. 64-bit compilation is possible with XE2 and XE3. Check the Rubicon News Page for the latest details on supported database bridges, or the Rubicon Product Info Page for all other details.

FREE Rubicon Editions and Their Limits

Evaluation Edition

The FREE evaluation version of Rubicon allows you to test it with any of the database bridges that are ordinarily included in the paid version. However:

  • Source code is not included
  • You must generate an unlock code for yourself at https://www.href.com/unlock
  • You must use packages when compiling the demos, the utilities and your own test projects
  • There is a time limit, after which the components will not work
  • After the time limit, EXEs compiled previously will no longer work
  • The Delphi IDE must be running for many, but not all, operations.
Download Eval Edition: download for latest Compiler.

Lite Edition

The lite edition uses the same files as the evaluation edition. The difference is that your lite license does not expire (no timeout). The lite edition is suitable for small, personal applications, education/training situations, and rare small-scale commercial applications. The limitations to the lite edition are:

  • Source code is not included
  • Your must compile with packages
  • The Words table may not contain more than 1500 words.
  • There is a 1.5 second delay on all searches.

Download Lite Edition: for D25 Delphi 10.2 Tokyo or CPPBuilder C25

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