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Rubicon2 DirectoryRubicon2 Old Rubicon v2
Rubicon3 DirectoryRubicon3 Old Rubicon v3. All but the most curious Rubicon 3 users should ignore this folder because it only contains extra-large documentation files (model files).
exeRubicon_Eval_v4.052_d24_and_c24_Setup.exe10-Jan-201713Mv4.x for 10.1 Berlin: Time Limited FREE evaluation version of Rubicon 4 for Delphi and C++Builder. The Eval installer includes files for MORE database bridges (details vary during the year). Reference: Rubicon Product Info Page, general notes and Rubicon release notes.
exeRubicon_Lite_v4.052_d24_and_c24_Setup.exe10-Jan-201713Mv4.x for 10.1 Berlin: The Lite installer has no time expiration. It includes files for ADO/FireDAC/IBExpress/dbExpress bridges only. This file is generally also available in Code Central at Embarcadero.
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