Release Notes for Shopping Cart

This file was last updated 9 June 1999, 10:02 PST

W-HTML Changes

Item Maintenance, secure.htm file
On the AdminItemDetail page, changed "Sale Price" to "SalesPrice" to match fieldname in items.db. Correct line looks like this:
NAME="SalesPrice" VALUE="%=Field|wdsItems2|SalesPrice=%
Same change in chItemRowAdmin, on page AdminItemAdd, and on page pgItem.

Button names
Change BtnStatus to BtnShop throughout. BtnShop is a required button name. It is used in the logic. The code can not work with the button having any other name, unless it is changed in all places (which it was not).

Delphi Changes

procedure TfmAppPanel.waItemLocateExecute
change the location logic to this (much shorter):
  with DMStore.wdsItems2 do begin

procedure TfmAppPanel.waItemPostExecute
Before the for loop, add an explicit locate command. This was called from W-HTML, which is prone to errors (i.e. accidental changes) and no faster. Use this instead:

    with DMStore.ItemsTable do begin
      if locate(keyItemsTable, Literal['CurrentItem'],[]) then begin
        for i:=1 to pred(fieldCount) do begin
        // for loop needs no changes.  Can optimize by putting 'post' outside loop.

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