WebHub Release Notes for v2.078, v2.079, v2.080, v2.081, v2.082, v2.083, v2.084, v2.085, v2.086, v2.087, v2.088
This file was last updated 30-Jun-2007

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WebHub Object Pascal Components

Notes about XSD files for validation v2.085
To properly validate your XML configuration, you need to reference the correct XSD on webhub.com (otherwise you are validating against an old specification). Here are the names of the current XSD files and how to reference them.
You can validate in Dreamweaver 8 using the menu: File > Check File > Validate as XML
Here is an example for an application-level XML file:
AJAX v2.078
WebHub v2.078+ includes built-in support for AJAX. The new WebHub commands are
Please see the "HTAJ" ajax demo on http://demos.href.com/htaj:pgwelcome.
Subtle WebHub command expansion scenario fixed; EXPAND macro added v2.079
If you had a WebHub command (e.g. HEADER) which takes a parameter which you might have wanted expanded, yet the expansion was for part of the parameter not the entire string, then ... that did not work in most recent versions of WebHub, pretty much since syntax 0214 was introduced. Now, it works.
Also a new macro named EXPAND was added, which lets you explicitly indicate that an expression should be expanded. This is for human readability of your WebHub code.
Access violations on app shutdown fixed v2.080
The "fish store" demo had three related problems that led to access violations on exit. These have been fixed.
The same symptom would have appeared in any projects using the htWebApp, wdbSorce and/or cgiServ units.
RejectSession takes extra string parameter to explain reason for rejection v2.081
See whsample_EvtHandlers.pas for usage.
You can configure your application to log the reasons for session rejection. Add the following to your application-level config file.
		<ErrorAlertFlag name="LogToFile" value="true" />
		<ErrorSituation name="RejectSession" logToFile="true" />
If you are using the Dreamweaver panel, look at the [Processing] tab for the latest RejectSession reason.
ZaphodsMap version
WebHub v2.078 to v2.082 uses ZaphodsMap source version 1.025.
WebHub v2.083 uses ZaphodsMap source version 1.026. The only change is that ZaphodsMap variables (in XML) are saved at the top of the XML file as the first node.
Delphi IDE, Project > WebHub > ZMAdmin v2.084
Inside the Delphi IDE, the Project > WebHub menu links to ZMAdmin.
Problem with blank icons in tray - fixedv2.085
For quite a while there has been an issue with WebHub apps running in the tray and initially coming up with blank icons, at least on Win2003. This issue has been fixed (in whMain.pas).
Use sLineBreak instead of CRLF constant v2.084
The ucString unit used to define CRLF as #13#10. That was not suitable on Linux. Please replace any uses of CRLF with sLineBreak which is in the Delphi SysUtils unit.
wwwParams supported in TwhDataSource v2.084
A long-standing bug in the wwwParams feature has been fixed. This feature lets you fill parameters into SQL.Text by using a parameter name that starts with 'www' and ends with the name of a WebHub StringVar which will hold the data when the query executes for a given surfer. The bug had been that the StringVar named had to be 'ww' plus the desired name. Now, just the desired name is used.
See: htq1 demo
No longer possible to add blank StringVar name v2.084
In the past it was possible to create a StringVar whose name was blank, which led to subsequent problems/confusion/bugs in one's WebHub-HTML code. This is no longer possible, unless one uses Delphi's Add or AddValue methods.
New AppID Wizard improved v2.087
Many minor improvements were made to the "New AppID Wizard" which is available in the Delphi IDE under Projects > WebHub. The main new feature is that you can create a New AppID definition with, or without, establishing the XML config and starter WHTEKO files.
EMail component allows SMTP username and password for more secure servers v2.087
The 200705.xsd configuration allows for the entry of SMTPUsername and SMTPPassword, which, if present, will be used by TWebMailForm.
NB: in v2.087, the email module required the username and password. In v2.088, those are optional (as they should be).
COM interface confirmed working; demo ready v2.088
Problem was with the format of the files in version control; fixed.
Fixed error in JUMPs to other AppIDs v2.088
Problem was that the hyphen '-', which is required when jumping to another AppID and using AppProcessID, was omitted. Now the hyphen is included as it should be.
This issue would not impact anyone using only one (1) AppID.
Fixed error in URL generated after RejectSession v2.088
Bug description: when sessions expired (or when their *.var file was deleted manually), links to valid pages (including the obsolete session#), would lead either to the root of the domain of the server profile, or to the export filename. This problem has been fixed.
Code completely reviewed for memory leaks v2.088
Reviewed all WebHub units to be sure that all forms and other objects are properly finalized. After packages (e.g. for WebHub wizards) are unloaded, there should be no external links pointing to the package at all -- now this is true -- webInfoU.pas changed.
COM interface fixed v2.088
webDCom.pas and htWebApp.pas units fixed such that the COM demo now works.

The Hub, WebHubAdmin, WebHubView, ZMAdmin

WebHubAdmin may be phased out in favor of ZMAdmin v2.080
ZMAdmin (ZaphodsMap Administrator) is now included with the WebHub Runtime System Setup. A shortcut is available under Start > Programs > HREF Tools > WebHub > ZMAdmin, and also (v2.084) inside Delphi via Project > WebHub > Launch ZMAdmin.
Hub will terminate immediately if ZaphodsMap env var is not available v2.082
On Windows XP, when WebHub Runtime System is first installed, the newly created environment variable is not available to any service including the Hub service. For this reason, the Hub cannot function in any meaningful way, so we decided to make it exit right away, with details in a log file in the same folder as hub.exe. Rebooting the computer after installing on Windows XP will make the environment variable available to the hub service. At that point, you can start it normally, either through Start > Programs > HREF Tools > WebHub > WebHub Central - start, or by typing net start hub at a command prompt.
This installation issue does not arise on Win2003 as far as we know. There should be no need to reboot on Win2003.
WebHubAdmin menu, File > New launches Wizard v2.083
The File > New menu choice now launches the same wizard that is available within the Delphi IDE under Project > WebHub > New AppID.
Hub supports up to 8 CPUs v2.084
This is the first version to run on an 8 cpu server. Tested on Win2003 Web Edition, 08-Mar-2007.
Hub supports Intel and AMD multi-core CPUs v2.085
This is the first version to count a dual-core CPU as 1 physical processor. Earlier versions of the Hub counted those as 2 processors. 20-Mar-2007.


System Message files (*.whmsg) may use keyword NOWLOCAL v2.085
As of WebHub v2.085, the system message files may use both NOWGMT to display the current date and time in gmt, or NOWLOCAL to display the date and time according to the clock on the computer running the HTTP server.
This change was made so that cover page messages could more easily communicate the moment the app was covered, and the current date/time.
See also: WebHubView, Tools > Cover App feature; add unit whgui_CoverPage to your own application.
Runner supports 'version' query v2.085
You can now ask the runner to display its version information, in a way that is less dependent on configuration than the 'echo' query.
If the version query displays the Runner ID as being 'unknown', then you have a configuration problem, in WHNetworkInfo.xml
Runner supports use of ZM vars in filespec v2.086
In WHNetworkInfo.xml, you can now use ZaphodsMap variables within the runner's filespec.
ISAPI runner can send file from network share v2.092
In earlier versions, the SendFileIIS method could send files from local drives. Now, it can send files from network drives, as long as username and password details are provided.

Installation Program

WebHub Runtime Setup observes, warns and remembers v2.082
The Setup program now observes whether you are installing for the first time, and asks you to reboot only when necessary.
It also warns you about restarting the http server, and takes care of that automatically if you are using Microsoft IIS.
It also configures your server profile for Microsoft, Apache and/or Sambar http servers.
And it now remembers which components you like to install, so that the same ones will be checkmarked automatically next time.
WebHub Runtime Setup helps you configure WHNetworkInfo.xml v2.083
Several features were added to the Runtime Setup program. They are listed on the Installation Components page, under "Configuration."
We recommend that you [x] CHECK the feature for reviewing all XSD attributes for your system files.
For beginners, you should also [x] CHECK the feature for setting XSD for all application config files.
You should also [x] CHECK at least one Http server interface: Microsoft, Apache or Sambar. This will ensure that a valid HttpServer node is added into your WHNetwork.xml file.

FYI: Valid DTDs on w3.org
FYI: Valid DTDs on w3.org
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