WebHub Release Notes for v2.055-v2.057
This file was last updated 28-May-2006

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WebHub Object Pascal Components

TWebMenu now longer appears on WebHub component palette v2.055
TWebMenu is being phased out. We are still shipping the tpMenu and webMenu units, but they are no longer placed on the palette. They will not be ported to .Net nor Linux.
ADMIN macro no longer expanded within WebHub applications v2.055
In earlier versions, there was support for expanding the ADMIN macro to the so-called computer administrator's email address, within the runner, hub and webhub applications. It is now supported only within the runner.
The feature was relevant for system message customization.
Code ported and moved out of ucWinAPI v2.055
The following have been ported and moved out of ucWinAPI (as they no longer have a dependence on Windows):
The remaining routines in ucWinAPI have all been marked with the "platform" directive. The comments section contains tips about how to use cross-platform alternatives where possible.
Code not-ported and moved... v2.055
TtpWindowsLink has been moved from webPGP.pas to tpWinLink.pas
Win95 support dropped from WebHub server components v2.055
We have dropped Windows 95 support from the WebHub server components (e.g. TWebCommandLine).
Yes, it had been possible to use WebHub on Windows 95, with Bob Denny's WebSite server and cgi-win.
We no longer support Windows 3.1 nor NT 3, either.
"OLE" "support" dropped from webPict.pas v2.055
There was some IFDEF'd code in webPict relating to the use of OLE servers. It did not compile and has been removed.
IlGifBmp unit no longer shipped with WebHub v2.055
This unit, which was produced by ImageLib, is no longer shipping with WebHub because it is only available for win32. If you are a WebHub customer and require a copy for use on win32, please contact HREF customer service.
ILBMP2GIF component will no longer appear on the WebHub "HT+" component palette
ucShell cross-platform ShellEditText function added v2.055
ShellEditText runs whichever system editor it can find (Notepad.exe or Wordpad.exe on Win32/.Net and kwrite, kate or emacs on Linux).
All WebHub verbs which previously shelled out to Notepad to edit INI or other files have been changed to call ShellEditText.
ldiRegEx*.dcu files included v2.055
In v2.053 and v2.054, the ldiRegEx*.dcu files were shipping for D07 only. As of 9-May-2006, they are now included for D06, D07, D09, D10.
Delphi 6 users: update #3 is required. See Borland notes.
htEdMCol unit no longer used v2.055
The Htedmcol unit (Editor level 2: Syntax highlighter) is no longer shipping.
webVars.pas: now clears ImageMaps v2.055
TWebBasicSession.LoadFromDisk now calls ImageMaps.Clear.
samplein.ini should no longer be created in multiple locations v2.055
Since WebHub v2.0x, whenever a WebHub app ran, it created an extra samplein.ini file in its folder. That issue was fixed 10-May-2006.
TtpSystemPopup memory leak fixed v2.057
Html panels disappearing: fixed v2.056
In v2.055 (only), there was a problem which made panels such as "Html > Defaults" disappear after they were used, instead of allowing them to be displayed within the tabbed area.
Remote refresh page fix v2.056
In earlier versions, calling a page containing a refresh command (either from a browser or from Dreamweaver) led to a blank response -- when the refresh command was nested within another macro. This has been fixed.
As-Service Units - Reminder v2.056
If you are having any problems running your WebHub application as a service, please check the dates on your as-service units. The latest files are (in mm/dd/yyyy format):
05/07/2003  08:49 AM            16,933 Ntobj.pas
06/05/2000  06:06 PM               188 NtObj.RES
08/23/2005  03:26 PM            13,082 SvcApp.pas
06/05/2000  06:06 PM             3,664 SvcComp.pas
08/23/2005  03:34 PM            31,443 SvcObj.pas
One (but not necessarily the only) symptom of not-working was: when installing the service, the application would run in the tray and a user would have to exit it manuall.
If you need replacement as-service files, please contact tech support.
TWebDataScan SetButtonSpecs2004 fixed v2.057
In v2.047 (approx) to v2.056 (definite), there was a problem with SetButtonSpecs2004 where your grid would use the default prev/next buttons instead of the "2004" style unordered-list ones (the latter being much easier to style precisely).

The Hub, WebHubAdmin, WebHubView

AppVers sample .whteko files use parentils v2.056
In prior versions, the AppVers "application" consisted of a single AppVers.ini file. It now uses AppVersion.whteko, and (~ ~) affixes. This means that it will work inside the Hub or any project made by the WebHub wizard.
Apps connect even on machines powered on for months non-stop v2.057
Earlier versions (e.g. v2.046 to v2.056) had a problem where, on some machines, WebHub apps would NEVER connect to the Hub until the machine was powered off. This has been fixed. The issue was in the TWebCommandLine constructor.


Runner configuration loaded from ZaphodsMap XML files v2.057
as of 17-May-2006, the v2.057 runisa.dll no longer reads from the registry nor shared memory. It loads its configuration information from the WebHub Master configuration file (named webhub\config\WHConfig.xml by default).
There is an XSD file for WHConfig.xml, and a minimalist version is installed for you when you first install WebHub Runtime.
There are sample files available for download at ZaphodsMap.com.
Use http://localhost/scripts/runisa.dll?echo to see the current settings. NB: you must use 'localhost' or '' for security reasons. The normal echo page does not display the configuration details.
Runner System Messages in new location v2.057
As of 18-May-2006, the runner uses system message files named: hubnone.whmsg (when hub is not found) and hubtime.whmsg (when a request times out).
These files should be in the folder pointed to by the WebHubDefaultMessagesFolder setting in WHConfig.xml.
The entire system message system is changing rapidly right now. The above info is FYI in case you need to use it on a production system immediately. Otherwise, please ignore the system message situation until you upgrade to v2.059+.
The new system will allow for customization by EXE, by domain, and by AppID.
Installation Program
ZaphodsMap reads ZaphodsCentralKeybox.xml v2.051..2.057
In these versions, the ZaphodsMap environment variable is expected to point to a file, e.g. d:\AppsData\ZaphodsMap\ZaphodsCentralKeybox.xml
This is ZaphodsMap v1.016
runisa.dll installs to correct location v2.055
In earlier versions, runisa.dll was copied into the webhub\bin\whRunner folder, even if you had selected another location. Also, if you had IIS running, and you had an existing runisa.dll.safetodelete file, your previous runner was not backed up.
Multiple backup files saved v2.055
If an existing hub or runner is found, it is backed up to a unique name, such as hub.exe.bak001.
If you rerun the installation, the hub would then be renamed to hub.exe.bak002.
A problem on Win2000, where the runner would not be backup up, was fixed.
ZaphodsCentralKeybox.xml file initialized properly v2.057
In earlier versions, if you tried to open the ZaphodsCentralKeybox.xml file in Internet Explorer, you might have seen an error. This was because the opening two lines were not precisely correct.
To correct your file, please compare it to http://www.zaphodsmap.com/zmdesign/sample/01/ZaphodsCentralKeybox.xml by downloading that file to your own disk and then checking the first two lines. Do not attempt to compare using Internet Explorer because significant details will be hidden.
Registry not used v2.057
These registry keys are obsolete: HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\HREF Tools\Install\InstallRoot\WebHub and InstallRoot\runisa.dll. Please delete them from existing systems.
If that leaves nothing under InstallRoot, you may delete it too.
If that leaves nothing under Install, you may delete that too.

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