Release Notes for WebHub v2.039
This file was last updated 3-Oct-2005 22:35

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WebHub Object Pascal Components

The following release notes are for existing WebHub customers who are upgrading projects to v2.039. Please see Quick Reference for Commands for documentation of all WebHub Commands as of v2.039.
CDATA tag stripped from WHTEKO files v2.039
You may now include the CDATA tag within a WHTEKO file (in order to make that file xml compliant). WebHub will strip the beginning and ending of the CDATA tag when loading the file; it will leave the contents of the tag intact.
Legend for WebHub Command Expansion rules
The following WebHub Commands have been changed as indicated. v2.039
The following WebHub Commands have been deleted. v2.039
  • ABORTMACRO (webapp.pas)
  • AUTOLOAD (webapp.pas)
  • BODYLOAD (webapp.pas)
  • EXCEPT (webapp.pas)
  • INPUTNUMBER (note: there is no HTML <input type="number" ...> tag anyway)
  • MACRO (was allowed for defining macros on the fly. Now use AppSetting instead.)
  • NOGO (webapp.pas)
If you need those commands in your own application, copy the code from htwebapp.pas in v2.038, or request webapp.pas from tech support.
The following WebHub Commands are deprecated. v2.039
  • FRAME (replace with HTML FRAME tag)
  • HREF (replace with HTML A HREF tag)
  • INPUTFORM (replace with HTML FORM tag, using the ACTION or ACTIONR command for the action attribute.) This change is required when editing in Dreamweaver MX 2004, and recommended in all editors.
  • JS
Added OnAfterTekero event v2.039
This event fires after OnAfterTranslation, which fires after OnTraceTekero. You could use this event to clear or otherwise manipulate variables local to the current droplet.
Added local string variables v2.039
These variables are local to a droplet, and specific to a surfer.
SETLOCAL|varName=Value (to set varName)
local.varName (to display varName)
CLEARLOCAL|varName (to clear varName, keeping in mind that it will be deleted automatically when the droplet ends)
CLEARLOCAL|* (to clear all local variables associated with the current droplet)
Fixed TWebOutput.SendRedirection method v2.039
There had been a problem when bouncing to URLs using http and a port other than 80. Now, if you set WebServer.HTTP to your desired port, the bounce will use that port number. Likewise, if you want to bounce to https and a port other than 443, set WebServer.HTTPS to that port number.
TWebSock.MessageID property is now "stored false" v2.039
If you are using TWebSock and have a MessageID in your DFM file other than 1152, set that in your OnCreate event instead of in the DFM.
Invalid page handling improved v2.039
WebCommandLineBadPageId in dmWebHub.pas fixed (changed setting of bContinue flag)
TWebCommandLine.ExecutePage in webCall.pas fixed (only regarding the case where the OnInvalidPage event is defined).
If you are using the TWebCommandLine.OnBadPageID event, you should set bContinue to TRUE when you want default handling to take over and to FALSE when you have completely handled the case yourself.
Recommentation: set the application-level default named "InvalidPage" to a PageID which you want displayed when an invalid page is requested, and leave the OnBadPageID event nil.
JPEG webaction component now xhtml compliant v2.039
Instead of generating "dimensions", the JPEG component now generates height and width separately, such that the whtml is xhtml-compliant.
See notes in lib\whJPEG.pas and the "dynamic JPEG" demo on
.whteko files may be in UTF-8 format v2.039
Optionally, .whteko files may contain an xml tag in line 1 indicating that the encoding is utf-8, and may have the leading 3-byte marker. Editors such as MacroMedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 may write that marker when they detect utf-8 encoding. WebHub v2.039 ignores the marker. Earlier versions were unable to use the file if it contained the marker.
TWebScan and TWebDataScan: no BRs v2.039
For syntax stage 2.14 and higher only, these two components will no longer generate <br /><br /> between the first/prev/next/last buttons and the prompt for the Rows, Display Set, etc.
The reason for this change is that one can better control the spacing through CSS.
TWebDataSourceIB (for use with Interbase Objects) changed v2.039
TWebDataSourceIB.SetParameters now always returns False. See whibds.pas
What you should do: if you were relying on the component to always rerun the query, you should introduce a webdatasource.close command which should make your overall system faster and more accurate.
Added cgiJumpWithLingvo feature v2.039
Requires StreamCatcher v1.5.2.2, and cgiUseFilter=true
If this feature is set TRUE in [TWebApp.Defaults], then all JUMPs will be generated with a leading lingvo code, e.g. /eng/APPID:PAGEID:etc or /deu/APPID:PAGEID:etc.
Example configuration in application-level INI file:

WebHub Syntax Stage 2.14

WebHub v2.039 is the first release to support WebHub Syntax Stage 2.14 (download specification as PDF). Here is a summary of the changes since WebHub Syntax Stage 2.13: (top)

WebHub Demos

Changed commands to match v2.039 syntax as defined above.
e.g. comments end with 2 dashes
Almost all demo files pass xml validation as of 10-Nov-2004.
HREF is working on redesigning the showcase demo (which does not yet validate).
Added DropletNameToBeforeData, DropletNameToWHRow and DropletNameToAfterData functions. 29-Oct-2004
These are currently used in the SCAN demo, which is available in CVS now (29-Oct).
The idea behind the <whrow...> tag was introduced on the listsev early in October. It is a technique which enables more cooperation between Delphi programmer and visual designer, and enables xml-compliance within the .whteko files.

The Hub, WebHub Admin, WebHub View

HubApp supports new macro affixes v2.039
If you want to run a HubApp using the new macro affixes ("parentils"), set this in the application-level INI file:
If you omit that setting, or set it to anything other than the value shown above, the HubApp will use classic percent-equals style macro affixes.
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