WebHub Release Notes for v1.767... v1.768

This file was last updated 13 July 1999, 13:59 PST

Improvements by Category

In AServer.dpr

File|New bug fixed v1.768
Fix for prior versions, in fmSetups.pas, TfmAppsetups.BtnNewClick should be changed to add the test for assignment of treeview1:
  if assigned(treeview1) then

In the Installation

Registry Entries for WebHub Wizard v1.767
whWizReg.reg is no longer shipping. The installation routine sets the registry entry for the wizard directly.
RegEdit is now called with the /s parameter so you won't have to [ok] the installation of the wizard information into the registry any more. (Thanks Jim O'Brien!)

BAT file for compiling packages v1.767
This file now sends the output from dcc32.exe to a temporary file, dccdpk.txt. If you have any errors during compilation, review the dccdpk.txt file for an explanation.
On win95 and win98, the dccdpk.bat file will now automatically exit. It used to stay on the screen with a "FINISHED" title, and you had to close it manually.

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