WebHub Release Notes for v1.720...v1.740

This file was last updated 10 April 1999, 22:53 PST

Improvements by Category

In the WebHub VCL Components

MATCH macro v1.720
In ht\lib32\htwebapp.pas, the MatchLit function was fixed to use CompareTo on both sides of the = operator... this fixes all known issues with the = operator.

INPUTSELECT macro v1.720
htWebApp.pas dated March 25, 1999 3:04pm includes Peter Hyde's improvements to this macro.

FLUSH macro v1.720
Fixed so that it clears anchors. (Anchors are defined by the ANCHOR macro.)

Debug.pas unit (part of tPack) v1.720
The debug flags can be controlled by passing in command line parameters (see InitializeUnit in debug.pas). Use /DBG plus one or more letters from the list below to set the flags. For example, to enable debug on execute, use /DBGE.
  • C - Create
  • D - Design
  • L - Loaded
  • U - Update
  • I - Insert
  • R - Remove
  • E - Execute
  • F - Refresh

RejectSession method v1.740
This method did not work correctly in v1.73 (and possibly a couple of versions before as well). It would keep bouncing the surfer back to the same session, going around and around. It now works as documented in the help file.

Known Issues

Trial Version Only - HREF Contact Screen v1.700
This screen is not complete yet -- looks pretty but is not finished. Messages are not sent and you may be a GPF when clicking on some fields, some times. Workaround: click [Cancel] button to close the form!

D4 package compilation v1.700
If you compile manually in D4 you will get a message that says "this package is in an older format.. do you want to update?" Say yes and it will continue and compile correctly. You will not get this message if the BAT file compilation works for you.

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