WebHub Release Notes for v1.680...v1.690

This file was last updated 6 February 1999, 16:20 PST

Improvements by Category

In the WebHub VCL Components

TWebMail v1.680
Lost Messages Fixed.
The problem in prior versions was that if you sent rapid back-to-back messages the asynchroneous close event of one message would sometimes terminate the subsequent message.
Mode for sending bulk mailings, fast!
To be completed, tested and described here...

INPUTSELECT... macros v1.680
In prior versions your list of options had to be in a macro. Now they can be in a chunk, with a CRLF separating each entry instead of a comma separating each entry.

TWebCommandLine.WebAppLockDown v1.680
If true, leaves TWebCommandLine.WebApp as-is and does not auto-connect at all. (Prior version would autoconnect even if WebApp were nil in the DFM.

TWebCycle : fixed v1.680
(savestate property had been blank on first use)

Syntax for referencing CHECKED variables v1.680
You must use the "checked." prefix as of v1.680.
The following example shows how to reference the checkbox named _bLoginOK: %=checked._bLoginOK=%

TWebLogin : fixed v1.685
(htmlparam property had been blank on all uses)
Passphrase was non-blank even on invalid user ids. v1.685
Added event to make it easy to use TWebLogin to authenticate users where the list comes from a database. Source code ships to registered users of the WebHub VCL automatically and is available upon request to customer service. The weblogin.pas file should be backwards compatible to v1.50. Instructions are in the comments in the PAS file.

Named cookies v1.680
A named cookie such as %=cookie.mine=% shows its value correctly.

TWebPgp v1.684
This component will ship with source to registered users and will be omitted from the trial version. For trial users, it should no longer be referenced in the ht\lib32\regwhub1.pas file, and should not be required by webmail.dcu or websock.dcu.

TWebAction v1.680
Fixed to no longer clear HtmlParam in the DoExecute method.

Link to WebHub License DLL v1.680
Trial version property editor now correctly finds its license if the DLL is in the directory with The Hub or in the Windows System32 directory.

New trial version "contact HREF" nag screen v1.680
When the TWebInfo component is freed, in the trial version, it brings up a form which enables you to send an email message to HREF Tools Corp. (We do read emails! We are doing this to solicit more feedback from new users.)

whMain unit makes apps run in the tray v1.684
Version 1.684 is exactly the same as v1.683 except for this one patch to the ht\htfrm\whMain unit. The patch makes applications which use the form run in the tray by default.

TWebApp writing webhuber.txt file v1.680
Fixed - that error log was not meant to be enabled.

Inclusion of standard HTML files v1.680
Use the ASPAGE flag like this:

TWebDataSource and DisplaySets v1.690
Fixed a problem in v1.68x where the displayset was not saved (e.g. in fish store demo, lookfish page.)

In the Demos

Shortcuts for WebHub v1.680
The installation now creates a shortcut under Programs|HREF Tools -- called "Shortcuts for WebHub." That runs to get you right into the test page to get started. You need to have your web server running on your local machine before this will work. This is done with the ht\htutil\whShorts.url file - thanks to Dennis Chuah at Contec for the tip on URL files and thanks to Mike Davis at HREF for pointing it out as one of the missing links in the beginner learning curve.


WebHub Developer's Manual Shipped Separately as of January 28, 1999.
The new user manual is over 4meg uncompressed. It no longer makes sense for HREF to always include it as a PDF file in the VCL download files. Please go to http://www.href.com/pub/docsnhelp/ to get the latest version. There you will find several download options, including a ZIP file that is much smaller.

href.ini settings
Fixed - settings such as SessionsDir, Digits, and the names for the hub system message files - are now set in winnt\href.ini if you don't already have entries for them. This had been a problem for new installations; the settings were left blank instead of getting default values.
HREF license DLL
Now installs to windows system32 directory instead of to ht\htexe. The filename is the same (hreflisc.dll) for registered and trial users; the contents are different. The trial version now correctly brings up the license agreement during installation and from the hub's Help|License menu. The v1.684+ components will also correctly find the license from the WebHub component's Version property editor.

Known Issues

WebDataSource.close not respected. Ok in v1.720.
Error "Page not found" comes up even when you are requesting a valid page. Intermittent.
Preview panel, issues with session object
hub.exe - issues on certain platforms under extremely high traffic

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