WebHub Release Notes for v1.603

This file was last updated 12 September 1998, 23:33 PST

This release just updates the W-HTML demos, and makes the *.BPL package files install automatically into Delphi 4.

The following WebHub demos have been significantly improved since v1.50.   

[ APPID : description ]

ADV : ad rotation - shows the TWebCycle component - which you can use for all sorts of chunks, not just those including advertising graphics. 

COM : The COM Demo!  Shows one example that you are likely to want to copy - page counters, and a second one that is for those of you who want to program your own COM servers - "memo server."  

BRWS : browser support : shows the new TWhBrowserInfo component and how you can use it to create web pages that are correct for each type of browser.

FAST : shows how to set up ServerIDs for HTTP and HTTPS - or any other situation where you want to use multiple web servers or ports within your application.

JOKE : shows how to make automatically sequenced presentations

FORM : shows the basic save-state mechanism; this was simplified (branding will become its own demo, probably next week)

HTLS : Listserv Assistant - minor cleanup. Worth reading if you run your own listserv.

You can see all of these on http://demos.href.com.  Use http://demos.href.com/iis/webhub.dll?APPID and replace APPID with the one you want to see if you want to go right in, otherwise you'll have to click through a couple of cover pages.

All of the above demos run with WebHub Power HTML.

Many thanks to Martha for doing all the writing and editing and testing!!  And there is more to come...

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