WebHub Release Notes for v1.491 through 1.494

This file was last updated 5 June 1998, 13:00 PST

Improvements by Category

In the Hub + Runners

In the Components

WebHub Demos

v1.493: They have been all been edited for beauty, and many for function :)

New demos - you will find them all on demos.href.com:



v1.493+ : System message default directory is /htsysmsg/ (fixed from /sysmsg/). If you have existing non-default settings for any system messages, in href.ini or the registry, then will not be overwritten.

Registered customers who are upgrading have the option of installing a set of files that includes the Hub and the VCL, without demos or docs.

Known Problems

v1.494: TWebLogin is still looking for its settings in the wrong place. Edit weblogin.pas, line 194 to say self.classname. You can rebuild your packages using the totally nifty .bat file that you will find in ht\pkg.

Hub.exe v1.494 (only) does not run on 1 system - gives a flurry of errors on start. If anyone else sees this problem, please write to ann@href.com.

If you choose Help|Registration and click [Cancel] you will invalidate your Hub capacity. Do it again and click [Ok] to restore.

Hub UI freezes, sometimes. If anyone can reproduce this at will, please advise ann@href.com.

The webhub.hlp file has invalid links from the VCL components page to TWebCycle and TWebLogin. However those components are in the help file, just search for them by name.

Problem with nested macros not expanding - fixed in v1.495.

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