Release notes for version 1.06

(registered customers only)

AS/400 testing now possible
This build removes resource conflicts with Delphi for AS/400, enabling compatibility testing.


SaveState mechanism improved
Previously you had to use %=WebAction.Execute=% to insure that a component's properties would be correct for the surfer. This required a workaround if you wanted to refer to that component's properties before executing it. 106 lets you do away with these workarounds and allows you to trigger %=WebAction.update=% to have the save-state mechanism update the properties for you.


The WebDropDown component now has a Text property. This is demonstrated in the SaveState sample file


AppDefault and PageDefault Macros
You can now set application and page defaults using macros. Wow.
Set AppDefaults with: %=AppDefault|Key=Value=%
Get AppDefaults with: %=AppDefault.Key=%
Set PageDefaults with: %=PageDefault|Key=Value=%
Get PageDefaults with: %=PageDefault.Key=%


Setting page defaults from the file level
You may have used set defaults on the page level from the
[TWebApp.Files] section of your .ini file in the past to define slideshows. Entries would look like this:

These Values would flow into [page.defaults] as 'Defaults='. This was useful; Still, we've extended this mechanism to let you set additional defaults for all pages in a file like this:
Once defined, you can add to and access these values using the syntax shown above.


Several small changes were made in the HubUI to help you see the path and size of Chunk and Session Files.


D3 Cloning
The patch perfecting the cloning of calculated fields under D3 which had previously been posted is now part of this release.


There were a few other things that got taken care of in the build that now escape me.. :)