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Rose photograph (C1727) by Donna Cooper


syntax stage 2syntax stage 1usage
<whteko>newalways required - top level tag
<whpagesettingslist>page defaults listed within [TWebApp.Files] optional - used for shared page settings
<whpage><H1>-Page:... required for page declarations
<whpagesettings>page defaults optional - used for custom page settings
<whdroplet><H1>-Chunk:... required for page part declarations
<whmacros><H1>-Macros:... required for macro definitions
<whtranslation>new optional - single translated page part
[~ ... ~]new optional - translation shortcut
<whtranslations>new optional - multiple single line translations
<whprep>new optional - preparatory statements
<whoutput>new optional - statements that create page output
<whdesign>new optional - executed during design
<whdoc>new optional - documentation
<whsketch>new optional - HTML sketch of a web action's desired output
<whremote>new optional - brings content from secondary dynamic source into Dreamweaver Design View
<!--- ... --->new optional - hidden comments