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txtBitbox.pas.txt10-Jan-201711KFREE Delphi source code to Access Bits in a Byte with links to database
txtbitboxdb.pas.txt10-Jan-20175KFREE Delphi source code for BitBox, database version
zipDbLoad.zip10-Jan-20174Kshows how to use TTableWithRetry to load lookup table values into a TStringList. You'll need tPack.
txtdbstrgrd.pas.txt10-Jan-20178KFREE Delphi source code for TInstantForm component which creates a data entry from from a TDataSet database structure.
dfmdocComps.dfm10-Jan-20171KDelphi form file
txtdocComps.pas.txt10-Jan-20178KRun-time type information, mostly readonly
txtEbutton.pas.txt10-Jan-201711KFREE Delphi source code for enumerated buttons.
dfmerrormsg.dfm10-Jan-2017707BDelphi form file
txterrormsg.pas.txt10-Jan-20175KFREE Delphi source code to Report an error allowing retry/ignore optionally (Includes an error dialog with BDE error decoder and button control.)
dfmfiltprop.dfm10-Jan-20172KDelphi form file
txtFiltProp.pas.txt10-Jan-20173KFREE Delphi source code
zipHarmony.zip10-Jan-20172KFiles for the harmony application, highly recommended for people using both Delphi 2 and 3.
zipHtNoShow.zip10-Jan-20172KHow to make a Delphi form that never shows itself. Useful for traditional cgi applications.
txtlistbox.pas.txt10-Jan-20171KFREE Delphi source code: surfaces OnDrawItem and OnMeasureItem
dfmokcore.dfm10-Jan-20171KDelphi form file
txtokcore.pas.txt10-Jan-201729KFREE Delphi source code: OK/Go/Stop concept used for 'true' working message (see working.pas)
zipOopCalc.zip10-Jan-20178KObject Oriented Calculator example, uses tPack and shows how to do a property editor, too.
txtretry.pas.txt10-Jan-20179KFREE Delphi source code - Logic to implement Retry, formerly used in TtpTable (tptable.pas) and IniLink
txtretrydlg.pas.txt10-Jan-20172KFREE Delphi source code for a retry debug log, useful on exception
dfmsplash.dfm10-Jan-2017667BDelphi form file
txtsplash.pas.txt10-Jan-20175KFREE Delphi source code for Delphi library aware splash screen with pause/float timer
txtsystools.pas.txt10-Jan-20171KFREE Delphi source code for a System utility function to shut down NT
dfmtdmemof.dfm10-Jan-2017867BDelphi form file
txttdmemof.pas.txt10-Jan-20174KFREE Delphi source code which defined TtpDbMemoButton, which Brings up prefab memo form for a field in a database
txtToolproc.pas.txt10-Jan-20172KFREE Delphi source code that shows a technique to consolidate calls to code that may be in dll's
dfmtpAbout.dfm10-Jan-20172KDelphi form file
txttpAbout.pas.txt10-Jan-20173KFREE Delphi source code for an about box
txttpconsol.pas.txt10-Jan-20176KFREE Delphi source code for writing console applications.
txttpDbg.pas.txt10-Jan-201712KFREE Delphi source code for a trace window which works at run and design time
txttpDbgCtl.pas.txt10-Jan-20175KFREE Delphi source code which defines TDebugControl class.
txttpFilChg.pas.txt10-Jan-20178KFREE Delphi source code for Wrapper of file change notification API
txtTpidle.pas.txt10-Jan-201714KFREE Delphi source code for tpIdleDot,tpIdleTime,EdRight components
txttpkiosk.pas.txt10-Jan-20175KFREE Delphi source code for kiosk component
txttpLabel.pas.txt10-Jan-20176KFREE Delphi source code for Normal/Raised/Recessed label component; TLabel with methods to write the caption more easily.
dfmtpLogin.dfm10-Jan-2017923BDelphi form file
txttpLogin.pas.txt10-Jan-20174KFREE Delphi source code for Standard Password dialog with multiple extensions
txttpnoothr.pas.txt10-Jan-20177KFREE Delphi source code which ensures that no other application runs within the Windows session. From 1997.
txttpRTTI.pas.txt10-Jan-20173KFREE Delphi source code defining run time type information functions including FindComponentByName
txttpShell.pas.txt10-Jan-201711KFREE Delphi source code for shelling out to another process.
txttpStatus.pas.txt10-Jan-20179KFREE Delphi source code for thread-safe status bar with optional date or time display
htmlTshapes.html10-Jan-20175Kshows to to use TComponentExtensions in a simple case. TComponentExtensions is something you can graft onto your own components to make them auto-create and auto-link the way that TWebApp (and others) do in WebHub.
txtucdb.pas.txt10-Jan-20171KFREE Delphi source code for copying data between table records and a memory structure
txtucdlluse.pas.txt10-Jan-20173KFREE Delphi source code for using DLLs in Borland Delphi 1.0
txtuclabel.pas.txt10-Jan-20172KFREE Delphi source code for working with TLabels
txtUcmemmgr.pas.txt10-Jan-20172KFREE Delphi source code for alternative memory manager for Delphi 2 and 3
txtucPChar.pas.txt10-Jan-20172KFREE Delphi source code for using PString and PChar
txtucPipe.pas.txt10-Jan-20174KFREE Delphi source code runs "DOS" program and optionally captures output, on Win32 platform
txtucprint.pas.txt10-Jan-20171KFREE Delphi source code for controlling printer selection
txtucScnDir.pas.txt10-Jan-20177KFREE Delphi source code for running same routine against all files in a directory tree
zipUnicode_goodies.zip10-Jan-20173KDelphi and WebHub source for Unicode and UTF-8 work; recommended educational links
txtuserbde.pas.txt10-Jan-20175KFREE Delphi source code to obtain info on current BDE user
txtusernetw.pas.txt10-Jan-201710KFREE Delphi source code for obtaining user details on Novell NetWare
txtUtregis.pas.txt10-Jan-20173KFREE Delphi source code for enhanced registry component
dfmutSpltFm.dfm10-Jan-2017266BDelphi form for utSpltFm.pas
txtutSpltFm.pas.txt10-Jan-201712KFREE Delphi source code for a splitter for early Delphi (before TSplitter)
txtutwcrypt.pas.txt10-Jan-20174KFREE Delphi source code for encryption using Windows screen saver
zipWebBrowserOCX.zip10-Jan-20173KSample custom web browser plus .pas and .dcr file for use with WebHub. You have to use these units or else you get name conflicts with webhub units.
txtWebInfo2.pas.txt10-Jan-20176KExample showing how to derive a custom WebHub class with property editors. Based on WebInfo class.
txtwebsockt.pas.txt10-Jan-201723KFREE Delphi source with WebSock Type Definitions (applicable to 16 bit Borland Delphi only)
dfmworking.dfm10-Jan-20171KDelphi form file
txtWorking.pas.txt10-Jan-20179KFREE Delphi source code for a message that displays during processing.
txtxtenform.pas.txt10-Jan-20172KFREE Delphi source code for an extension to TComponentExtensions
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