Release Notes for Shopping Cart

This file was last updated 6 July 1999, 13:46 PST

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Changing Text for Previous/Next Links
For example, if you wanted to translate the text of the links from English to another language...
The PostData page refers to the webaction waScrollGridExecute to let the grid scroll after a button click. As you can see below, it extracts its command from the button name. So you'll have to create some logic in this webaction to parse the specific command to the ItemsDBGrid depending on the name of the literal btnshop, which contains the name of the button clicked.
procedure TfmAppPanel.waScrollGridExecute(Sender: TObject);
  with TWebAction(Sender).WebApp do begin
    SplitString(Literal['BtnShop'],' ',a1,a2);  // e.g. Next Page

{Insert some translation from spanish buttonname to gridcommand 
    DMStore.ShowItemsdbgrid2.Command:=a1;     // e.g. Next end;

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