Release Notes for Shopping Cart

This file was last updated 5 May 1999, 14:51 PST

Pdf manual
page 3) Para 3, reads: ... c:\ht\db_000, should be: c:\ht\mall\db_000

page 9, para 1, reference Delphi 2.0, 3.0, 4.0+.

rainbow bar graphic
Installs through regular WH component install to /htdemo/shared/img/misc/
No change, just FYI.

ItemsOverview link on Home Page gave error.
Fixed by adding ,class.all as the webhub command on that link.

para 5: ",CKB command is used..."
The CKB command is no longer used; comment in manual deleted.

page 17) para last: waClearOrderLit
waClearOrderLit is no longer called. clear|lits is called in w-html instead.
This seems wrong. The comment in the code has been fixed. Marcel to check what needs to happen here.

AdminMenu, ClientsOverView and OrderOverView display in Spanish
Fixed all w-html and txt files to use English.

Pending problem - Item Maintenance: the POST code only covers CLASS Maintenance.
There is no code for ITEM maintenance in the corresponding Delphi code.
Marcel to-do.

Order Page: The States drop down list lists all states twice
Fixed by adding WebDropDownState.List.Clear; to the beginning of the OnUpdate handler (which gets called more than once).. Fixed also in the other 3 twebdropdowns in that datamodule.

Notes on issues that are known but were not addressed in the shipping 
version. To be integrated by Marcel.

All "Sale Price" in w-html should be: "SalesPrice"; because the items.db field is SalesPrice.
In TfmAppPanel.waItemPostAddExecute(Sender: TObject) 
Add a little section to account for floats:
if a2<>'' then begin
         // new section
          if fld.DataType=ftFloat then                  //capture SalesPrice & Weight
         // end new section
          Literal[a1]:='';  // erase from literals after posting

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