WebHub Version .911 Release Notes

9 April 1997 10:26 PST


New Event Macros

These are on ThtWebApp, source included. Full syntax is in the latest webhub.hlp file, under built-in macros. This is on ThtDBWebApp, source included.

New Components

These new components have not yet been documented. There are demo programs that use them posted in the download area for registered customers only.

Changes to Template Forms

The ademo2 and ademo3 forms which are used throughout the demos have been changed. If you were using these as the basis for your own projects, and you have any problems opening your existing projects using the old copies, please use the new ones as installed to ht\htdemos\template\. The TWebDemoApp component has also been changed. That code is in ht\htdemos\register\twebdemo.pas.

Known Problems

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