WebHub Release Notes for v2.065-v2.067
This file was last updated 18-Jul-2006

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When Upgrading...

Sync version of Hub, WebHubView, WebHubAdmin, runner and components v2.065
This rule is still in effect.
Configuration changes v2.065
We may create a utility to automate these changes. Meanwhile here is the list for manual adjustments.

WebHub Object Pascal Components

Custom AppDefaults are being phased out v2.065
We are trying to sort out built-in WebHub defaults from your custom settings.
Please use [TWebApp.AppSettings] for your custom ones.
An example of a built-in WebHub default is AppDefault['cgiUseFilter']. An example of a custom one is AppSetting['DatabasePath'].
ChunkDir and TekoDir are obsolete AppDefaults v2.065
You may delete these from [TWebApp.Defaults] in your app config file. (Unless they specified a folder other than the one containing your app INI file, they had no effect in earlier versions of WebHub. Generally they are always safe to delete.)
Obsolete / deprecated v2.065
TWebCommandLine.WebAppLockDown boolean is obsolete
TWebInfo.WebOpenApps is obsolete
TWebApp.AppHandle is public not published; use AppInstID
TWebApp.cgiUseHandle is public not published; use cgiUseAppInstID
TWebApp.cgiHideHandle is public not published; use cgiHideAppInstID
TWebApp.Chunks is public not published; use TWebApp.Tekeros
TWebCommandLine.OnBadCommand is obsolete
BrandDir under [TWebApp.Defaults] is obsolete
BrandDir no longer loaded from AppDefaults v2.065
If you are using the branding feature, set pWebApp.Static.BrandFolder to what used to be called AppDefault['BrandDir'].
pWebApp.Session renamed to SessionNumber v2.066
To access the session number from a teko file, use (~sessionnumber~) instead of (~session~).
The same applies to syntax 0100: use %=sessionnumber=%.
Obsolete / deprecated v2.066, v2.067
TIniFileLink.DefaultEditorEntry is obsolete. See ucShell for cross-platform function to edit a text file.
TWebApp: all features relating to exporting have been moved under TWebApp.Static
TWebApp.AppDefault['ExportDir'] changed to TWebApp.Static.ExportFolder
TWebApp.AppRoot is TWebApp.Static.AppRoot
TWebApp.cgiCaller is TWebApp.DynURL.CgiCaller
TWebApp.cgiHideHandle is obsolete
TWebApp.cgiHideAppInstID is TWebApp.DynURLConfig.HideAppProcessID
TWebApp.cgiHttp is TWebApp.DynURL.CgiHttp
TWebApp.cgiUseHttp is TWebApp.DynURLConfig.UseScheme
TWebApp.cgiUseAppHandle is obsolete
TWebApp.cgiUseAppInstID is TWebApp.DynURLConfig.UseAppProcessID
TWebApp.Defaults is obsolete
TWebApp.DynamicPage is obsolete. Use IsDynamicPage property instead.
TWebApp.Errors is TWebApp.Debug.Errors
TWebApp.MacroErrorShow is TWebApp.Debug.ErrorAlerts, eaSend = true
TWebApp.NewSessionURL is TWebApp.DynURL.HomeBlankSession
TWebApp.OtherTags is obsolete.
TWebApp.RandomEnable is obsolete
TWebApp.SessionEndsWith is public, not published.
TWebApp.TheAppIDSave is obsolete.
TWebApp.ThePageID is public, not published.
TWebApp.URLDivider renamed TWebApp.DynURLConfig.Delimiter.
TWebApp.Where is TWebApp.DynURL.Current
TWebCommandLine.ActivateButton is obsolete.
TWebCommandLine.BeepOnPage is obsolete.
TWebCommandLine.CgiDirect is obsolete.
TWebCommandLine.DefaultsList is obsolete.
TWebCommandLine.ExpanderList is obsolete.
TWebCommandLine.HubCapacity is obsolete. Use pWebApp.HubCapacity instead.
TWebCommandLine.RedirectorList is obsolete.
TWebCommandLine.WebPage is obsolete.
TWebCommandLine.WebServer is obsolete.
TWebInfo.WebStatusList is obsolete.
TWebOutput.ListAsMemo is obsolete. (It was always FALSE in dmWebHub and dmHubApp.)
TWebOutput.ConsoleOutput obsolete.
TWebOutput.BrowserButton renamed GUIBrowserButton
TWebOutput.BrowserLink renamed GUIBrowserLink
TWebOutput.OutputMemo renamed GUIResponseMemo
TWebOutput.ShowOutput renamed GUIResponseTarget
TWebOutput.MemButton renamed GUIResponseMemoButton
TWebPage.TimeSections boolean is obsolete.
TWebPage.PageCost renamed PageCost.HistoryPageCost
TWebPage.PageCount renamed PageCost.HistoryPageCount
TWebPage.PageLast renamed PageCost.HistoryPageLast
TWebPage.PageTime renamed PageCost.HistoryPageTime
TWebServer.CgiFrom is obsolete.
TWebServer.CgiLogicalPath is obsolete.
TWebServer.InitExternals is obsolete.
TWebServer.WebDate renamed to DateTimeToWebFormat
TWebServer.SystemContentFile is obsolete.
TWebServer.SystemDebugMode is obsolete.
TWebServer.SystemGMTOffset is obsolete.
TWebServer.SystemOutputFile is obsolete.
TWebServer.TimeFormat moved to public TWebInfo.TimeFormat
TWebServer.Time moved to TWebInfo.WebTimeLocal
TWebServer.WebTime moved to TWebInfo.WebTimeGMT
TWebVarsDelete renamed TwhVarsDelete
Version property is only on TWebApp.
TtpAppRole.InitialInstance renamed TtpAppRole.InstanceSequence and available within TwhAppInstanceCounter
TtpAppRole.Instances renamed TtpAppRole.InstanceCount and available within TwhAppInstanceCounter
TWebPage is now a TWebCommand, not a TWebAction v2.066
Syntax stage 0100: TWebPage Defaults renamed to PageSettings v2.066
If you had any INI sections such as [PageID.Defaults], rename to [PageID.PageSettings].
In syntax stage 0214, that sort of configuration should be done inside the .whteko file, in a tag.
Instead of using PAGEDEFAULT as a WebHub Command, use PAGESETTING.
dmWebHub simplified v2.067
Code in dmWebHub that related to switching AppIDs was moved to whsample_SwitchAppID.pas
Code in dmWebHub that related to COM support was moved to whsample_COM.pas
Fixed access violation in ThtColorMemo and descendants (TWebHtmlMemo and TWebIniFileMemo) v2.066
The exception occured when adding the htColMem.ThtColorMemo component to a new empty form in the Delphi IDE. The error message was "the Control 'htColorMemo1' has no parent window." The same problem occured in the descendants - webMemo.TWebHtmlMemo and webMemo.TWebIniFileMemo.
How to find WebHub expression errors v2.067
Use the new pWebApp.Debug.ErrorAlerts property to quickly find invalid expressions within your .whteko files.
uses whcfg_App in 'webhub\lib\whcfg_App.pas';
Example pWebApp.Debug.ErrorAlerts := [ eaSummary ]; will list all page expansion errors at the end of the page. Do not use this on a production server, use this during development.
TWebPage.PageTimerActive boolean loaded based on PageSetting v2.067
If you would like to see page timing statistics for a particular page, add this to the page in question:
Timing statistics are added to the page summary, which automatically displays at the end of the page.
This is not intended for use on a production site.
In RTTI dialog, properties can be sorted alphabetically v2.067
After invoking the "properties" verb for any WebHub component, the Run Time Type Information ("RTTI") dialog appears. Normally the properties are listed in the order in which they were defined in the object hierarchy. Now, you can click on the word Properties in order to sort them alphabetically.
TWebSession (alias to TwhSession) is obsolete v2.068
APPDEFAULT command no longer supported in .whteko files v2.068
AppDefaults are being phased out in favor of specific properties.
Example (~AppDefault.Homepage~) is now (~Situations.HomePageID~)

The Hub, WebHubAdmin, WebHubView

Menu items hooked up to valid actions v2.065
WebHubAdmin and WebHubView: all menu items are now functional. You may use this version of WebHubAdmin and WebHubView together with Hub, runner, and components of version 2.062...2.065.
The Help > About menu option now shows the current version of WebHub, plus the ZaphodsMap root and configuration branch folder.
SampleInput in hub.ini is obsolete v2.067
HubApp does not support COM v2.068
This version of hub.exe does not support COM calls within the HubApp. Normal WebHub EXEs may still use COM (and that will be continued to be supported).


cgi-win runner is obsolete v2.067
WebHub will no longer include "runwin.exe", the runner dedicated to the cgi-win interface, pioneered by Bob Denny with WebSite http server in 1995.

Installation Program

WebHub Runtime and Component installers tested thoroughly v2.065
Both installers now install without errors on a "clean" server, and uninstall as designed.
One is meant to run the Runtime installer first, then the component installer.

WebHub with Apache Http Server

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