WebHub Release Notes for v2.051, v2.052, v2.053, 2.054
This file was last updated 7-Nov-2006

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WebHub Object Pascal Components

Delphi 6 users: patches required v2.053
As of WebHub v2.053 (1-Mar-2006), Delphi 6 users must use patches from Borland, namely General Update 2 and Delphi 6 Runtime Library Update 2. After applying these patches, the version of your delphi32.exe should be
Link to Borland updates (login required): info.borland.com/devsupport/delphi/.
Memory leak in TWebListCollection fixed v2.053
A memory leak relating to textareas and other TWebListCollections was fixed.
To address this in earlier versions, you have to avoid using AddList (or balance it with FreeList), and avoid using the webLScan unit.
Many thanks to Marco and Tanno at TotalWeb, Netherlands, for the test project demonstrating the leak.
Packages Renamed for a Good Reason v2.051
All WebHub packages have been renamed. The new names include either "DT" or "RT" to indicate Design Time or Run Time usage. The new names also indicate the compiler, using these abbreviations:
The Run Time packages do not use ToolsAPI. When building your own WebHub applications, you should compile with the Run Time packages.
All package source files are still installed to the webhub\lib folder.
New component: TZaphodsMap v2.051
This component handles application configuration. It is so interesting, it has its own web site: www.ZaphodsMap.com.
For humor, see also: wikipedia.org about Zaphod.
TPack Restorer uses XML via TZaphodsMap v2.051
Until now, the TPack Restorer components used INI file format via TIniFileLink. Entries were stored in tpack.ini, href.ini, and elsewhere.
Now, the TPack Restorer components hook into TZaphodsMap, and administrators can configure the locations of the files used to store settings. When you build your own WebHub application, you will be able to control the default behavior, and administrators will be able to further customize as needed.
The default storage location, equivalent to windows\tpack.ini, is d:\AppsData\ZaphodsMap\AppRestorer.xml
This setting is configurable when you first install.
To change that setting manually, do this:
  1. Using Control Panel > System, Advanced, Environment Variables, create an environment variable named ZaphodsMap and set it equal to a file that you are likely to back up, e.g. d:\AppsData\ZaphodsMap\ZaphodsCentralKeybox.xml
  2. Run the TPack INI to XML conversion utility (being tested in-house 14-Nov-2005). Meanwhile, you can download AppRestorer.xml, save that to the location pointed to by your AppRestorer key, and modify it so that it contains your favorite form classes and default values, i.e. from your windows\tpack.ini file.
In whMain.pas, the Key Group Name is overridden from the default of AppRestorer to WebHub, so that people can organize their WebHub panel settings separately from other applications built with TPack.
If you do NOT use whMain.pas, and you use the restorer, you should set ZaphodsKeyGroupName to 'WebHub' on your restorer component.
TtpStatus improved v2.051
Problem: TtpStatus had behaved differently on first creation in IDE and on form load. This difference appeared as incorrectly set PanelStatusIndex (-1) for newly created projects.
Now: TtpStatus has been modified to behave the same on first creation and on load. Now, right after component is placed on form, a properly configured status panel appears. For existing forms, PanelStatusIndex property should be set to 0.
WebHub file editor replaced v2.052
The editor used on the Html > Files panel has been replaced with one with the following features:
Comma added to Date in HTTP prologue v2.051
In cgiwin.res, the official WebHub date format was changed. We now have a comma after the 3 letter Day of Week abbreviation.
Indy requires the comma, and google.com uses the comma.
This change impacts all uses of TWebServer.WebTime
You can override the format yourself by setting TWebServer.TimeFormat (a public property).
Thanks to Andreas Orth for bringing this detail to our attention!
TWebListMaster (webListM.pas) is no longer shipping with WebHub v2.051
Source is available free at no charge; request from customer service.
Changed TWebIniList to TWebInitializedList for almost all cases. v2.051
WebIni v2.052
WebIni is no longer a published property on any components. Delete all WebIni properties from your DFM files.
On TWebAction, the published WebIni property has been replaced with public WebActionIni.
On TWebInfo, the published WebIni property has been replaced with public WebMachineIni.
Once the transition to ZaphodsMap is complete, these remaining public properties will be removed as well.
whsample_BrowserInformation.pas is no longer shipping with WebHub v2.051
Source here
Macro and Page definition lists are no longer saved to app-ini file v2.051
WebHub v2.051 still reads macro and page definitions from the app-ini file but this will not be supported much longer.
For best results, please define your macros and pages in your *.whteko (or WebHub-HTML) files.
New: LookupUsingList command v2.052
Usage: LookupUsingList|literalName,macroName
Use this when you have a list in a macro (e.g. from using INPUTSELECT), and you want to display the description for a given key.
Example list: mcColors=R-Red,B-Blue,G-Green
Example literal: Set|mycolor=B
Example usage: LookupUsingList|mycolor,mcColors
would display Blue
Advanced note: you can put parentils around the literal name and/or around the macro name, and your expression will be expanded before the lookup is performed.
(~TheAppID~) property supported within whteko filenames v2.053
The single property, TheAppID, is now supported when it is used within the filename of a .whteko file.
The new public method, WhTekoFilename, on the TWebApp.Files list returns the fully qualified filename, including full path.
Also, if no file extension is provided, the default is now .whteko instead of .HTM
These features were partially implemented in v2.049; fully tested/working in v2.053.
WHTEKO DTD files enhanced 10-Nov-2005
Slight changes were made to the WHTEKO DTD files, to enable them to accept HTML markup inside the right-of-equals portion of whtranslations.
Important: if you are using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 or Dreamweaver 8 as your editor, and you want to use the DOCTYPE below so that you can use Dreamweaver's validation feature, make sure the DOCTYPE line is the FIRST line in the file. Do NOT precede the DOCTYPE with an XML tag, because that will cause Dreamweaver to distort the file's contents.
Dreamweaver's validation feature is available through its standard menu: File > Check Page > Validate as XML. You do not need the WebHub plug-in to use this feature.
Here are the strict and transitional DOCTYPES to copy into your own .whteko files:
TWebAction properties simplified v2.052
WebInfo, WebServer and WebSession properties removed. These were only pointers back to the WebApp's copy of the same properties, and could never be set in the Object Inspector.
WebOutput is now a public readonly property.
TWebAction descends directly from TWebCommand instead of from TWebConfigLink.
In your code, if you were using one of these properties, add WebApp. before the property name. Example: change WebServer to WebApp.WebServer.
HubCapacity property moved from TWebApp to TWebCommandLine v2.052
DYNCHUNK fix in htWebApp.pas v2.052
The problem was that parameters were not passed through.
Solution: remove local variable 'a3' from ProcessDynChunkCommand
Users of earlier versions may make this same change and recompile the WebHub packages.
TWebServer.cgiSOAPRequest property improved v2.053
This property now contains full SOAP request even if that request had extra whitespace between tags.
Dozens of units refactored v2.053
Over two dozen units were reviewed, optimized, and ported to compile for win32 and .Net. In some cases Kylix support was added as well.
Trailing comma(s) not saved to [TWebApp.Files] list v2.053
The problem: in v2.052, when the HTML > Files list was saved, extra commas were saved at the end. The same was true for WebHubAdmin's Connected > Edit Setups list.
The fix was in txtGrid.pas and can be applied retroactively to applications compiled with v2.052 if desired.
Issues with ReRead methods fixed v2.053
If you want to ReRead app defaults, you must call pWebApp.FixupDefaults after ReRead. FixupDefaults is now public, not protected.
If you want to ReRead files, just call ReRead. This method was fixed so that it would automatically connect the configuration file.
Error in webMind form destructor fixed v2.053
The OnHint was not being controlled propertly, and led to errors which were hidden when ucExcept.pas was used in the project.
First/Prior/Next/Last links for web data grid v2.054
In v2.053 only, these links did not always appear. Fixed in v2.054 (14-Mar-2006). Build available upon request.
HTMLSelectStatement function fixed v2.054
Problem: the SELECTED attribute was outside of quotes, therefore the first value in the list appeared to be selected.
Source file: ucHtml.pas

The Hub, WebHubAdmin, WebHubView

Hub no longer grants automatic 1-module license v2.052
We are changing the process for creating the WebHub evaluation version so that it no longer relies on a separate set of DCU files. In the past, the registered version granted a 1-module unlock code. In the future, users will be able to generate a 30-day unlock code for evaluation use, via a web application on href.com.
Unlimited unlock respected (no log file) v2.053
Previous versions (e.g. v2.047) generated a log file with error code #11 when the hub capacity was unlimited (21) and more instances were attached (e.g. 80). Now the log entry is not created.
WebHub Project Wizard
WebHub Wizards Updated v2.052
The WebHub wizards have been completely rearchitected and now work with Delphi 2005 for win32.
The new wizard filenames are: WebHubWizardDT_D06.bpl, WebHubWizardDT_D07.bpl, WebHubWizardDT_D09.bpl. The single package contains both the "File > New > Other > Projects > WebHub" wizard, and the "Project > WebHub" wizard.
To enable programmers to use older versions of the components and v2.052+ in parallel, the WebHub Components installer does NOT ERASE the registry entries that control the earlier versions. In case you are ready to stop using older versions, you may erase the following obsolete registry information:


Runners still use href.ini (hub.ini) and registry for system messages v2.053
For example, this is valid syntax for the href.ini file, for the case when the WebHub application is not running:
Installation Program
Installer uses ZaphodsMap for configuration v2.052
The WebHub setup programs now use ZaphodsMap to remember settings. As of v2.052 and v2.053, all other parts of WebHub still use INI files.
For reference, a ZaphodsCentralKeybox file: here.
For reference, a WebHubInstallation_Config file: here
Installer adds WebHub package path to current user's environment PATH variable v2.053
The following manual adjustments must be made in order to install WebHub Runtime v2.053 onto a "clean" computer
Start by running the installer; stop when you get an exception and then try the next step.
  1. ZaphodsCentralKeybox, the first tag's syntax was wrong. Should be:

    You can confirm this by validating the file in Dreamweaver.

  2. A registry entry for hub.ini is required
  3. Hub licensee and serialno still need to be in registry, and/or put into WHLicense.xml
  4. The WebHubInstallation_Config.xml file must exist AND have an entry for InstallFolders/Product[@name="WebHubRuntime"].
  5. Edit the hubvers.ini and change all %= to (~ and all =% to ~).

FYI: Valid DTDs on w3.org
FYI: The Firebird Book: A Reference for Database Developers, by Helen Borrie.
FYI: Reasonable source for Kylix licenses: Kylix 3 Pro
Copyright © 2005 HREF Tools Corp. All Rights Reserved. TPACK and STREAMCATCHER are registered trademarks of HREF Tools Corp.