WebHub Release Notes for v2.007 and v2.008

This file was last updated 14-January-2002 23:26 California time.

Alert! The patches to v2.008 (cgiconst and webread) are included in the downloadable files for v2.008 as of 2-September.

Version 2.007 Highlights

- W-HTML Editor is now easier to use when working 
  with multiple files.  

- Applications that run in the tray now display 
  usage via changing icons.

- COM support is automatic.

- The introductory and troubleshooting files are 
  now accurate for the v2 directory structure.

- The runisa.dll runner supports multiline 
  textareas in forms used for file uploading.

Version 2.008 Highlights

- WebHub v2.008 is fully compatible with Delphi 6!!!
  - The WebHub New Project wizard is not available 
    for D6 yet.

- We renamed the webform unit to whform.pas due to 
  a name collision with a Borland Delphi 6 websnap unit. 

- The memory leak in the Hub on Win2000, associated 
  with new session creation, has been fixed. Thanks 
  to Mark Wladika for the excellent reporting.

- The speed at which the Hub assigns session numbers 
  to new surfers has been significantly improved.

- For customers using Hubs on multiple servers in a 
  cluster with an extremely high-traffic situation, 
  and therefore needing to guarantee that session 
  numbers never collide, the Hub now respects a 
  SessionPrefix code which is set on the Hub's 
  Sessions|Timeout panel.

- If you have an unlimited capacity Hub code, it 
  will now grant a reasonable number of connections 
  on a machine with more CPUs than you originally 
  requested a license for. The 2.008 formula is: 
  20 * [Number of cpus the license was intended for] 
  / [CPUs in machine].  

Improvements to WebHub Panels

Improvements to WebHub Components

Delphi 6 Release Notes

These notes relate to v2.008.

Improvements to The Hub

Improvements to Runners

Improvements to Installation

Improvements to Demos

Other Notes

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