WebHub Release Notes for v2.000 to v2.006

This file was last updated 20-May-2001 21:30 California time.


Bug Fixes
WebHub VCL: Got rid of the "Internal Error L1496" which came up intermittently when 
compiling with Delphi 5. 

The Hub: Fixed problem where the # column would stop updating, and the applications 
would drop if you right-clicked in the connected panel.


Bug Fixes
Fixed bug in installation script that crashed the installation and made the package compilation
fail on a Win98 machine.


Bug Fixes
*Fixed bug related to multiprocessor systems and multiprocessor registration codes.


Bug Fixes
*Fixed bug in Registration dialog where the dialog would show "Illigal" in 
the caption every time you opened it on a multiprocessor system, even if the 
registration code is correct. This didn't really prevent the
registration code from working.


*More usage descriptions in the WebHub Control Panel

Bug Fixes
*The HREF macro now allows other protocols than HTTP for the URLs, ie. %=HREF||
*Fixed the cloning bug in TWebDataSource for D5, the fix in 2.000 didn't work 
as supposed
*Bug in the TITLE shown in the browser in the WebHub Control Panel

Other Issues
*shortcut.txt was missing from the previous 2.00x releases, but is now included. 
This affected the "Insert Markup..." menu item (Ctrl+I) in the HTML editor.


Bug Fixes
Fixed bug in HUB that caused an 'Invalid number of CPUs!' exception on NT.


* Version information is stored in runners and hub (See Properties | Version for 
each file in explorer).
* HTML editor will confirm before overwriting read-only files
* The inbuilt echo page in the runner can now be turned of by setting the registry
entry ...
* The directories lib32 and htfrm have been merged into a directory called lib. 
The lib directory has subdirectories for compiler specific dcus. You can now have 
the VCL for multiple Delphi versions installed at the same place.
* WebHub Control Panel, a web application that will let you control the hub from the web.
The AppID is WHCP and it must be run as a HubApp. By default, no login accounts are defined
as a security measure. This web application will let you start/stop, refresh, switch AppID 
on running web applications, and let you edit settings, etc... The refresh and switch AppID
functions require that you have recompiled the web applications you want to perform this
action on, with the final release of WebHub 1.800 or newer.
* Attributes properties added to the components TWebDBListbox and TWebDropDown. Using this
property you can add additional HTML to the SELECT tag.
* InputCheckbox macro now supports macros in checkbox name, i.e. %=INPUTCHECKBOX|test%=lit=%=%

Bug Fixes
*Fixed bug in TWebDataScan for cases where PageHeight was set to 0. Setting PageHeight to
0 will now show all records.
*21-days issue in runner is fixed.
*Using Ampersand (&) in forms posted as multipart/form-data would result in that the 
ampersand part and the rest of the literal would be discard.
*Posting forms with multipart/form-data doesn't result in CrLfs being added to the literals
in the form.
*Problems with frames and the ISAPI runner should now be fixed.
*Posting more than 48kb of data in a form (excluding fileuploads) is partially fixed 
(See Known Issues).
*Fixed access violation bug in TWebDataSource that would sometimes occure in design time.
*Fixed access violation caused by an open search dialog in a web application when the app is
*Files uploaded via forms will now go to the directory specified as the temporary directory
under Windows.
*Fixed cloning bug in TWebDataSource under D5

Other changes between v1.80 and v2.006

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