WebHub Release Notes for v1.76x

This file was last updated 4 July 1999, 23:34 PST

Improvements by Category

In the WebHub VCL Components

HREF macro v1.76
It now expands the parameter before sending it so you can pass in macros which contain an http/https portion. Expanding ahead of time avoids producing 'http://http://...' links which were a problem.

HREF macro no longer prepends HTTP to urls starting with #.
HREF macro works ok with an example like this: HREF|/index.htm|Index. This was broken in v1.760 and fixed in v1.763 on May 15. It's the webapp unit that contains the fix.

Supports W-HTML files that are marked ReadOnly v1.760
This is for compatibility with version control software, among other things.

JUMP on an exported page; # command v1.760
No longer lets ## happen.

Instantiation of custom session class v1.760
If your app points to a custom session class and your form includes a standard TwhSession object (e.g. because you used the wizard or one of the standard data modules), at run time the TwhSession will be freed and the TWebApp will be pointed at your custom class type.

Leak in TWebStoreList in htListOf.pas v1.760
This was found and fixed 4 May 1999 and the fix will be in v1.760. The problem was in v1.750.

RecordCount in TWebDataSource v1.760
wdbscan now checks webdatasource.recordcount instead of webdatasource.dataset.recordcount

Unlock for FREE 1exe Hub
The message, "You still need to enter your personalized webhub registration code to finish the installation process." appears until you enter your unlock code up through v1.750. We just changed that so that the message will no longer appear.
If you have an earlier version and do not want to recompile under v1.76+, contact for a generic unlock code.

New unit: ucExcept.pas v1.761
This unit provides an alternative exception handler that you can put into your projects when you want even more robust error handling than application.onError can provide. This will catch errors in DLLs associated with your EXE, including those in the BDE.

File Upload Improved v1.761
Any time the name of an uploaded files contained spaces the incoming string was parsed improperly ... implying that O'Reilly's WebSite will mask the original name, perhaps by translating it to 8.3.

You can WORK AROUND THIS in your code by using the first string parameter to index into WebServer.FormFiles.Values[ServerKey] and parsing out the names as needed.

HREF extended the runner's shared memory region to make room for a customizable path. This will work its way into the next release of the hub and runner. The v1.761+ file upload path will default to the sessions directory, and additionally be customizable through defaults. Thanks to Roberto Bargagli for the suggestion.

Unrelated FYI: while running as a service, as the runner does, the system temp path given by windows seems to be locked to the windows path. This was the cause of the probem.

Expires support in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 v1.762
IE5 works differently from IE4 (which was an abnomaly in and of itself). IE5 works as per the spec.
To add support to earlier versions of WebHub, edit line 170 in ht\lib32\whBroInf.pas (included with the WebHub Components).
function TwhBrowserInfo.GetExpireWithPragmaNocache: Boolean;
// was:  Result:= (Make='MSIE') and (Major<'4'); ... change to 

  Result:= (Make='MSIE') and (Major<>'4');

ucPipe.pas, StreamsDM.DFM for ASync demo v1.763
The ASync demo is included in HtPlus Pack only. It uses the ucPipe unit which did not compile under Delphi 4 until v1.763. It also uses the StreamsDM.DFM file which was omitted from HtPlus Pack until May 14.

inilink.pas v1.764
The new property, isReadOnly, needs to be "stored false." Without this, forms such as utTrayFm.pas may give errors when you open them. Fixed in v1.764 for Delphi 3. Fixed in v1.765 for Delphi 4.

Make AppID valid early in the DPR v1.76x
This note has been added because of a customer report, when upgrading from v1.72 to v1.76. If you are in the same situation, please read this one carefully.
The error message before the fix was: "ComponentName: WebIni: EIniFileBlank: WebIniLink: Specified a blank filename. INI File not updated."
The fix (in the DPR file) was to reorder the creation order of various forms, especially:
  with fmWebAppMainDB.htWebApp do

In the Hub

Note: the v1.760 components are shipping with a v1.62 Hub. The runners are unchanged as well.


WebHub Help File v1.763
Minor update - regenerated help file to include ad hoc changes since March 30, 1999.

Known Problems

Hub v1.62 Sessions Panel
Usually, if you click it, it will hang. This is due to its using an old 16bit directory control. This has been fixed and will be available to you in the v1.7+ hub when that ships.

CgiUseAppID defaulting to False
You need to explicitly set this to TRUE in the [twebapp.defaults] section, or set CgiHideHandle=FALSE.

TWebMenu: Pages and Components Menus
These two menus are merged instead of separate!

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