WebHub Release Notes for v1.74 to 1.75

This file was last updated 14 May 1999, 15:30 PST

Improvements by Category

In the WebHub VCL Components

New! TIBOWebDataSource -- Interbase Objects Support
New unit, whIBOds. The TIBOWebDataSource must be cloned for use with IBO, i.e. you must set MaxOpenDataSets to a value greater than 1; the default is 20.
Download: whIBOds.pas in a ZIP file
This unit has been integrated into the regular shipping build as of v1.76, so you do not need to download the ZIP if you have v1.76+.
Limitations as compared to TWebDatasource:
  1. - you must use cloned datasets, e.g. you need MaxOpenDatasets >1
    Without cloning we would need the ability to grab the key-fields and return to them. this got taken out and will go back in.
  2. - does not support switching IndexOrders
    currently this requires re-running/preparing the query from scratch
  3. - does not support :www... parameters
    looking into that next, needs an 'IsQuery' function to *override*!

You will need to install the component yourself. The source file is ht\lib32\whIboDs.pas. Add that to one of your user packages. It requires the latest version of Interbase Objects.

New! Components for multi-threaded background processing v1.730
TWhASync and related classes are included in v1.730+. The source for these classes, plus a complete demo application, is available to HtPlus Pack customers. Information about how to use them is available in the eSeminar archive area of

Renamed Units v1.740
To avoid conflicts with other Delphi products, logindlg.pas was renamed to tpLogin.pas, and ucDialog.pas was renamed to ucDlgs.pas. If you use these units in your projects, you will need to edit your DPR files accordingly. If you used ucDialog in any of your own packages, you will need to rename the reference and then rebuild the packages.
The ucDialog name caused a conflict with Crystal Reports. LoginDlg was caused a conflict with RX Controls.

Values in Session 0 v1.730
Problem description: Webaction-derived components gave some elements of a previous surfer's "state" to properties for a brand new surfer. The following components were reported to have problems: TWebRubicon, TWebDropDown, TWebCreditCard. This was fixed so that each new surfer starts with clean data. Here is a workaround for prior builds - put this code in the DPR file, before
{ uses clause must include webapp unit. }

with pWebApp do begin

HREF macro v1.740
Fixed to support HTTPS. The HREF macro creates a standard A HREF link to a URL, including the leading HTTP or HTTPS. If you want to create a link to a WebHub PageID, for example within JavaScript, use the ACTION macro.

Page Defaults v1.740
In the past they were forced to uppercase. Now they retain whatever case they had in the INI file.

JUMP macro, # command v1.740
The whBroInf.pas file, line 162, was changed to support older browsers. The rule is that any browser prior to version 4 will be treated under "old" rules, and 4 and above will use the spec. We'd like some feedback on this decision.

wdblstbx.pas v1.740
Added support for multi-select.

TWebCommandLine v1.741
The problem with TWebCommandLine in v1.730 and v1.740 has been fixed.

New project, put in ThtWebApp, double-click, GPF. Fixed in v1.750.
Workaround for prior versions: rename the WhSession component to WhSession0, then proceed as usual.

Trial Version - Contact HREF form v1.750
Fixed so you can click or mouse out of the drop-down of recipients. Also: fixed so that the form only appears when you close out the unit, not every time twebinfo is destroyed. (webmind unit)

appmain.pas v1.750
Added 'Refresh' option to tray menu.

Blank AppID v1.750
It is now ok to leave the AppID blank. This is meant for building quick test projects that use web action components with the "DO" page.

FOR Macro v1.750
The optional Width parameter was added. Here is the complete new syntax:

The width determines how many characters will be in the variable, e.g. number '3' with width 4 will be 0003, 4 characters wide.

In the Hub

Note: the v1.750 components are shipping with a v1.62 Hub.
Fixed: apps connecting to the Hub v1.740
The symptom was that you would run a WebHub EXE and neither its process name nor its AppID would show on the Hub's connected panel. This would only happen if you had not rebooted in a long time, and the only cure was to reboot. The problem was in the TWebCommandLine component, and occurred with GetTickCount rolled over and was less than zero. You need a new Hub and you need to recompile your EXE with v1.74+ components to completely fix this problem.

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