WebHub Release Notes for v1.700... v1.714

This file was last updated 25 March 1999, 9:41 PST

Improvements by Category

In the WebHub VCL Components

The WebHub Wizard is Available for Delphi 4 v1.712
The D4 wizard will be included in the v1.712 release. Meanwhile get it here.
Many thanks to Christian Bhn in Norway for doing the conversion from Delphi 3.

Strongly recommended: tpOptions for TWebApp v1.7x
In the object inspector, for your application object (ThtWebApp or whatever class you are using), set the tpOptions flags so that UpdateOnLoad is FALSE and UpdateOnGet is TRUE. This fixes at least two GPF problems that would otherwise occur in the IDE.

string comparison bug fixed v1.710
There was an error in the posCI function in the ucPos unit. This has been fixed. There were two known problems resulting from this bug: (a) macro expansion failed intermittently; (b) branded pages failed intermittently. This particular patch can be applied to earlier versions of the components without changing anything else. Request a copy of ucPos.pas from (FREE).

Splash screen cleared automatically v1.700
This was a problem in earlier builds. It's fixed in The Hub and in the components.

INPUTSELECT macro v1.710
Documentation note: to use a chunk for the list of items, prefix the chunk name with 'chunk.', e.g. INPUTSELECT|ArticleSearch.SearchFromDate,chunk.chSearchInputYearList,1.
Training CR/LFs -- unchanged from v1.700.

Controlled HTML with SELECT tag v1.710
Now: leaves quotes if they were in the original input; adds quotes if a non-alphanumeric character is found in the value. Marks the 'selected' item correctly even if the item contained a space.

New Global Security Attribute "GSA" v1.710
The tpack unit utIpcObj now initializes a global security attribute to default values. By pointing the security property of any of the tpack interprocess classes to @gsa before calling Handle which initializes them, you can have process-to-service and service-to-process communications with ease.

WebDataSource.close event v1.712
This event did not close the dataset in v1.7x. This was patched on 27-Feb (websend unit). The fix is included in v1.713+.

REQUIRES macro v1.710
Confirmed that this works: REQUIRES|aLiteral=YES|pgLogin. There was a problem in v1.661 with this syntax.

START versus SHELL v1.710
This is not new -- just clarifying -- use the START macro when you want to launch a process and continue immediately. Use the SHELL macro when you want to wait for completion.

ucPipe unit v1.714
This unit was supposed to be included in tPack and HtPlus Pack but was accidentally omitted. It's now included.


WebHub.hlp v1.714
The help file has been updated. All the non-component entries have been reviewed for accuracy relative to the v1.7x build.

In the Demos

AServer run from Delphi 4 v1.711
The v1.700 and v1.710 version of aserver.dpr might not have run for you under Delphi 4, even though it compiled ok. This has been fixed. You need patched copies of wpelist.dcu and wpachunk.dcu. Those are included in 1.711.

In the Installation

Hub System Message Files v1.714
When installed, the htdocs\htsysmsg\*.txt files will be automatically set as defaults in href.ini and the registry, as appropriate.

Automatic compilation of packages v1.714
The BAT file which runs during installation to install the components into Delphi 3 and Delphi 4 now checks to make sure you have sufficient environment space, and gives an exact error message when there is not enough.

Known Issues

TWebLogin v1.700- v1.713
weblogin.pas should be 11096 bytes. If it is smaller, contact customer service for a replacement. The wrong file shipped in v1.71x, breaking the pass phrase feature.

FLUSH does not clear anchors
This issue was discovered 22-March-1999 and will be fixed in v1.720.

MATCH macro with = operator
Does not work. Use ~ operator.

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