WebHub Release Notes for v1.495 through v1.496

This file was last updated 11June 1998, 19:27 PST

Improvements by Category

In the Hub + Runners

In the Built-In Macros

In the VCL Components


WebHub VCL User Manual : The end of the WebHub Starter Kit now describes the new forms and data modules available: whMain, dmWebhub and dmWHApp. We recommend those to anyone using a custom application object.

WebHub Power HTML Manual : ready!


Fixed: Adv (bad link to Amazon ISBN #), Scan (missing file), shop (:ED tag) v1.496
Enhanced: Form (new macros, new params demo) v1.496
Pending still: fish store, brws demos

Known Problems

Installation error: edit your winnt\href.ini file, [webhub] section, and change ht\webhub.txt to ht\htexe\webhub.txt so that the Insert Markup feature will work on the HTML panel. Fixed - but not rebuilt.

Problem with whShared.pas, at least as used from the wizard.

Free t-shirt or $20 store credit to anyone who reports a previously-unknown bug. EMail ann@href.com.

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