WebHub Version 1.06 Release Notes

This file updated 1 September 1997, 3:30 PST

Improvements in Release 1.06

In the Hub + Runners

In the Components

In the Demos


Known Bugs in Components

A couple of people have reported stack overflows involving TWebDatasource and wh 1.06. We confirmed and fixed the problem. Download the patch106.zip file and use the DCUs in that file to overwrite what you have in ht\lib32\. Here's an explanation of what was going on there.

why: surfer 'restore state' called tpupdated, triggered a recursive descent.

solution: make sure the TWebDatasources on your forms are UPDATED before they are executed. possibly when the dfm's are saved.

background question: what conditions need to be in place for a TWebDatasource to update? The TWebDatasource requires TWebApp to be updated, and it's DataSource & DataSet to be assigned.

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