Three-tier Client-server solutions

In all of these situations, a client application is used to communicate with a "middleware" application running on an application server, which then communicates with a database server. While custom clients written in Delphi, Java and C++ will become increasingly common for scenarios involving repeat customers, the thin HTML client is likely to persist for some time on the public Internet.

Consider bandwidth and client operating system in order to determine which options are viable for your situation.

This paper focuses on scenario (A).

 (A) CGI(B) Java(C) Active/X(D) Custom client
NetworkPublic InternetPublic or CorporateCorporateCorporate
BandwidthWide range.Wide range.Medium to FastMedium to Fast
Client O/SAnyAnyWin 95 or NTWin 95 or NT
Client must download:HTML, multimedia. Java applet to run inside web browser.Active/X to run inside web browser. EXE, multimedia, plus required DLLs, DPLs
LanguageDelphi 2/3,C++,Perl, JavaScriptJavaDelphi 3, VB, C++Java, Delphi 2/3, VB or C++

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