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To customize the instructions, enter your domain name here:

Branded GMail with Google

Regardless of registrar, you can have up to 10 free email accounts on your own domain name through googlemail. Google offers web-mail, POP and IMAP. Synchronization with iPhone and other mobile devices is included. Links: sign-up   POP   IMAP   DNS/MX records   catch-all email   URLs   Unsub group

To get into the Google Apps Setup wizard AFTER you have created your free google apps account and closed your browser, use a URL such as this, with your domain name: https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/href.com/Dashboard

Google IMAP Settings for an IPhone with IOS 5

Add a new account or edit an existing one...

Make sure the type of account is IMAP

Name: anything you want but should be your name
Address: yourname@yourdomain.com  example  info@href.com
Description: anything you want

Incoming Mail Server
Host name: imap.googlemail.com
User Name: yourname@href.com
Password: your password, case sensitive

Host name: smtp.gmail.com
User Name: yourname@href.com
Password: your password
Authentication: your password
Server Port: 587

Web Mail at 007Names

If you have registered your domain with 007Names, you may use their free DNS and web mail services. To use their web mail, login at webmail.007names.com.

Ultra Secure Web Mail

This is the most secure web mail service that we know of: hushmail.com.

EMail at Crazy Domains

If you have registered your domain with crazydomains.com.au, you can use their full-featured email service for $1.50 per month, for up to 50 accounts, with a 10-year commitment.

Check GMail Server Status

If you suspect a problem with pop.googlemail.com or other google servers, you can check this free site,