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Vision: Guiding principles at HREF Tools Corp.

HREF was created by developers who are programmer-focused, product-oriented, and motivated by creating solutions that are applicable worldwide.

  • Programmer-focused: HREF is a company created by and for programmers. The R&D developers that are the heart of the company are extremely motivated by the challenges of creating powerful, programmer-friendly development solutions. We develop using our own products and understand your project needs. Flexing the boundaries of what is possible is exciting work and we get "fired up" about creating new ways to do business that are continually more efficient and adaptable.

  • Product-oriented: We are primarily a product-oriented company, not a consulting company. We do offer consulting services if desired, but our focus is on creating a global solution which can benefit everyone, so no matter how your application design needs grow or change, our products can help you reach your goals. Using our tools, you can create your own customized solutions and can put your energies and money into building your ideal solution for your business.

  • Motivated by world solutions: We strive to meet the future needs of our customers by focusing on networked applications created using tools like WebHub which allow organizations around the globe to share data and work together without system restrictions or geographical boundaries.

    We thrive on being a part of a revolutionary shift in the way the world does business and are committed to facilitating the freedom that this type of tool provides to both small and large businesses around the world. Helping to change the way the world does business is an exciting challenge and keeps us motivated to create powerful tools for developers internationally.

    We are experienced in both consulting and building world solutions and we appreciate the difference. Working towards the larger goal of enabling systems and people to work independent of boundaries far exceeds specialized consulting situations and fuels our energies to keep building generic application server solutions.

    We pride ourselves on our support for the small developer, but we are always thrilled to have OEM-type of arrangements and to build for people who create strategic vertical market applications.

  • Working smarter, not harder: HREF does not seek to become a massive, employee-bloated company. Instead we use our own tools to build the infrastructure needed to support truly virtual companies. We then pass these tools on to our customers who use networked software solutions to do their business efficiently.

Our mission is to develop, package and market exceptionally valuable internet software solutions that earn our customers' long-term loyalty.

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